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From ATS [Above Top Secret]

Immense thanks to Sleeper and thanks to John Lear who made me discover these great
conversations. Thanks to all ATS members for their wish to know more. It has been a joy and an honor to do this. ~ Raska from Open Minds Forum October 2008

The Craft

Once upon a time I was in the United States Army and I not only seen alien space ships UFOs, but I was in one. Inside the ship is real life Alice in Wonderland stuff. Distinguishing what is real or imaginary is impossible. It’s another dimension like the Twilight Zone. Perhaps everything is real, but while inside the ship the atmosphere is like a drug induced experience and difficult to differentiate between reality and imaginary. The minute you step out of the craft the mind goes back to normal.

The ship I was in was about thirty feet wide, but once inside the ship was much larger. The propulsion system is magnetic wave of sorts, and runs on a mixture of pixy dust, far to complex to explain or understand. Reverse engineering is a long way off on that system. The craft had no seats, and no cockpit. It operated on its own, perhaps controlled by telepathy, not sure.

All I can do is tell some of my story, I was in a ship, the ship flew away from this planet while I was in it—-there was no sensation of movement—no g-force. I was standing up looking out one of the port holes and in seconds I was in space, the force didn’t knock me down.

I don’t know if it’s a dimensional shift or if it has something to do with the high magnetic energy on the ship that somehow alters or interferes with the electrical circuits in the human brain. The ship is definitely a dreamland but it can be a chamber of horrors—-many unknowns inside the ship.

There were others perhaps four or five, on the ship but we didn’t speak to each other. They were preoccupied with stuff, I was in contact with an alien, the size of a six year old child, I don’t recall what it told me. It was not a question and answer session, it told me things and that was it. I had other encounters but I can’t go into every detail.

As I mentioned I was stationed at several military installations, I received my joy rides more than once and at more than one base. I was able to observe the exterior of the ship on a military base—-not going to mention which one for obvious reasons. But entering the alien ship took place mostly away from military bases, and I found myself inside them, in other words I didn’t walk into them, I was taken into them.

When I entered the ship there were a few people standing behind what was a protective ? glass partition, no guards near the ship, they were posted outside the building.

The ship I remember the most about had corridors. There was a main corridor that circled around the main compartment like a hallway separating the portholes or viewing area from the interior of the ship. I was able to walk around the interior circumference and look out of the ship from the many portholes. Never noticed it they were tinted, the view was crystal clear.

The ship was not a large open space, there were rooms or compartments. I never seen the engine or propulsion system, I’m guessing that it was magnetic because in certain parts of the ship I could feel a strong energy force around my body, electrical or something like it, difficult to put into words.

Besides being disoriented at times the ship was a comfortable place—–the materials were soft, it seemed to be somewhere between organic and synthetic—-with very strange properties—-like standing on a cloud—-if you can imagine that.

There is more than one way to fly alien ships, depends on the ship and the person, what you describe may be a real experience and not a dream. But the true experience would be different from the dream—-the dream or if it really happened to you—-the memory, are sometimes altered to fit the concepts we are familiar with on earth.

I was able to maneuver the ship I was in while looking out one of the portholes and thinking where I wanted to go. When the ship began to move it was like I was flying and not the ship, the ship became part of me—-like what we call foo-fighters or spheres of pure energy.

As you know our biological clocks are triggered by daylight and night time based on the earth’s rotation. Ets biological clock runs on a different frequency, assuming they have one, while on the ship their bodies are not weighed down by gravity so they need less energy than if they existed only on Earth as humans do.

While in space the human brain somehow detects the loss of gravity and the absence of darkness- and we can literally go without sleeping for long periods. ET’s as far as I know don’t sleep at all. Because of the lack of gravity and the brightness on the ship, the mind and body are not taxed- no jet lag- no fatigue no mental exhaustion. What does that translate too? Less food and drink- i don’t recall ever eating or drinking on the ship- obviously to keep the kidneys from failing there must be some system that compensates for that.

The flip side to joy rides, if your gone any length of time –Earth can be a drag both mentally and physically.

There is no taking anything from the ship- every object is a living thing, biological or machine- and they would not allow themselves to be taken- would you put something like that in your pocket?


The military never told me why they gave me access to the ship- my guess they didn’t know. Even though I was in army uniform those who gave me access to the ship acted like they didn’t trust me, so there was little conversation between us. They were not allowed access to the ship when it flew into space, perhaps they were jealous.

The aliens are garrisoned on this planet and on the moon.They have bases in several countries in cooperation with those governments; they let us play with their toys, take them for a spin, learn a few things along the way on how to improve our technology. Humans are on the verge of stepping into space–there is a lot of stuff to know about that.

I know they are stationed here because I was in their ships.They are not planning to take control of this planet, control was theirs from day one.

My military rank and clearance have nothing to do with my involvement with the aliens, it came about because of my previous contact with aliens from childhood. My clearance to enter the ship was from the aliens, not the military. I was not a military experiment taking drugs and having hallucinations. The military was curious of my involvement with the aliens.–much like those posting questions on this post– except they know aliens are real.

The military is eager to know as much as possible about aliens , like everyone else they cannot quite get a handle on them and they are scared to death of that fact. The aliens have no intention of conquering the human race, nor would they be concerned about preserving infrastructure if they did–in comparison to them–we live in caves. However they are involved in world affairs, nothing happens without their knowledge and possibly their approval.

Their is nothing spectacular about my military service, I enlisted in January of1970 and my ended three years later in 1973. My rank was spec4, primary mos was tank crewmen, secondary mos was supply. My basic training was in fort Leonard Wood, Mo. I was stationed in Fort Knox, Kentucky, Fort Ord California, Fort Hood, Texas, and did a tour in Okinawa. I have some college.

The military know more than I do, they also know how helpless they are in comparison to the aliens–the worst part they only have contact with a few of the visitors to this planet– many aliens remain incognito.

The military brass never gave me permission to enter the ship even when it was on a military installation—it wasn’t theirs to give, they accepted it. The military don’t own the ships, but they have “diplomatic” relations with the aliens, the aliens have
parking privileges on any military base. However they don’t control who can enter the ships. I was never debriefed by the military because I never entered the ships on behalf of the military or the government.

I was never formally questioned by military people but I have observed certain “special” military people abducting other humans “for specific programming.” I knew they were humans because aliens radiate energy that affect humans psychologically and physiologically, and these particular soldiers didn’t.

We had infrequent conversation about human stuff- they never talked shop. The army didn’t allow anything- from what i could tell they went along with whatever the aliens wanted- the aliens were training them.

Others that have seen the ships one would presume would be a few select scientists, governments officials, and certain military people. The aliens don’t want to create panic in the military establishment and they try to be diplomatic letting the military know who they have an interest in it’s like diplomats here on earth they have immunity but there is protocol that must be followed.

The aliens know our paranoia and as far as I have been able to determine they don’t want to rock the boat.

I have no idea how many are on this planet- but I know there are many thousands. They are not unique, but they come in many varieties, do the math, 450 billion star systems in our galaxy, there are lots of what we call aliens out there.

They fire on aliens all the time, after all they don’t know who the aliens are and the aliens routinely violate protected airspace in every country. The aliens are intruders on Earth- the military has contact with a fraction of the aliens that visit this planet- so there is a nervous trigger finger in the military. Aliens are not allowed to kill humans (intergalactic protocol) although in some cases they have provided support.

The military is a well oiled machine, and highly bureaucratic. Every second of every member’s life is accounted for- you don’t sneeze without a requisition order. Nevertheless of my three years of active duty nearly eight months of it is unaccounted for- totally blanked out of my mind- most of that blank space was while I was overseas. I was fetched by an NCO, dropped off at a hangar and told to go inside – I was mentally briefed by ET before hand.

Most of the times I never saw the ship, I walked through plywood corridors that led into the ship. Sometimes there was no one around- not even guards- that I could see. Much of what goes on in the ship stays in the ship.–sometimes I have a clear understanding of everything I did but when I try to put it on paper – I can’t make it happen, nor can I verbalize it.

Contact 1/2

If the aliens wanted to make contact with the general population there is nothing stopping them– they don’t want to– yet. I had contact with them but in an altered state of mind, and telepathic communications. You have to really be drunk or drugged up to meet them face to face—-they provided the altered state telepathically, otherwise no communication was possible.

Alien contact is a BIG DEAL, but for those of us that claim to have it it’s a COMPLEX DEAL.We are not always fascinated by the prospect of our relationship with “highly mysterious beings.” Aliens are not like the neighbors next door, friendly or otherwise. Aliens can be your worst nightmare or they can be like angels from heaven.

The majority of people that come into contact with aliens—–are terrified beyond belief for having done so, and have no desire to ever experience aliens again. So be careful what you wish for! This is not Disney Land, few people ever want to return after their first visit—–not for the faint of heart.

On the other hand some like myself have had enjoyable times—–fantastic experiences—-and look forward to more contact—–but not always, there have been some hellish rides, where I was taken “kicking and screaming.” And I never want to go there gain—–wherever there was.

Making up a story is easy—–there are millions of fiction writers and story tellers.Writing or relating alien contact is so difficult—-that’s why there are so many skeptics and that’s why there are few that make the mistake I did by attempting to tell my story. We are not allowed—-or our human brains can’t grasp and hold onto the mind-boggling things we see and experience when we are with aliens—-in their machines or in their cities, planets, etc.

We live in two realities—–and information does not transfer from one of the realities to the other very well. There are huge gaps—–how do we (I) fill them in? My experience began before I was born on this planet. I don’t know if I came from another planet or if they took me out of my mother’s womb during her abduction (no one in my family believes in aliens including my mother). My mental awareness was not that of a child but near to that of an adult. The ship I was in was all over the place like I was being given a tour of the solar system before they dropped me off or returned me to my mother’s belly. I remember leaving this solar system and then returning. It was like a train ride I could see planets in the distance some shrouded in the haze of the sun as we made our approach to the earth—-at that time I did not know that the planet I was looking at was earth and my new home? The glare of the sun did not bother my eyes—presumably the glass or whatever it was blocked out harmful radiation.

The aliens never told me where they were from but they did tell me that planets like earth and humans similar to us are the most common species in the galaxy—–the planets with life number in the billions. In other words we are not unique. I have experienced more than one alien—-don’t know how many—–for some reason I cannot retain what they look like. Most of the time they are not near me but at a distance, and they communicate with me—-I don’t ask them questions they know what is on my mind and sometimes they answer.

Here is an experiment for those wishing to know a “tiny” bit of the feeling of an alien encounter. At night, no moon out, in the dark, in the woods, no lights around you, no flashlight——by yourself—-anticipate an alien touching your hand.You can go into a dark basement (at night) alone and experience the same effect, if no one else is in the house. Stand in the quite darkness for fifteen minutes—-you might force an encounter. You may also have a heart attack.

Aliens work at night and in the daylight but mostly late at night, when you are sleeping. The human mind can handle alien contact better from a semi-sleep state, and that’s where they keep you for the duration of time spent with them. It takes a mighty large hair up you butt to meet an alien while you are wide awake.

It don’t matter how bad you think you are (around other humans) when you are in the presents of an alien you are a small helpless creature—-in shock with fear. I have been present at some abductions and I have seen large grown men cry like babies—–even before anything was done to them—-just being in the presence of an alien. Aliens take lots of getting
use to.

BTW aliens communicate with humans everyday—-on many different levels—–they can talk to us and do—-they don’t feel the need to talk to everyone. How often have you talked to the president of the US, the pope, or other high ups? If the president or the pope had a one on one conversation with an alien yesterday do you think the world would know about it other than them and a few top advisers?

Aliens can make communications easy, they can make themselves look like humans, and chat with you at your favorite drinking hole. How often do they do that and those they are taking to know? Many don’t know they are taking to ET’s, and ET’s do it plenty. At this very moment and every minute of the day ET’s are talking with humans—-most just don’t know it.

Times are changing; more people believe or want to believe in extraterrestrials, so there is more acceptance. Still if you are in a certain job like airline pilot, teacher, clergy, CEO, scientist, politics, and the military—-talking ET stuff is a sure route to early retirement—–without the benefits. It took me a long time to come out of the closet, my wife knew, but I never told my offspring until they were older.

One day my daughter came home from school, she was in the forth grade and rode the school bus. We lived in the typical neighborhood in one of the suburbs that were sprouting up all over the place. While on the bus ride to school a boy older than her came over to her seat and told her that he saw a UFO hovering over our house the night before—-he lived three houses up on the other side of the street and had a clear view of our house. She didn’t know what a UFO was, but she was in shock that an older boy spoke to her, she didn’t responded to him and he returned to his seat without saying anything else. She asked me what a UFO was and why was it over our house—- I told her it was an unidentified flying object, I didn’t elaborated and she shrugged it off.

I was tempted to get her to ask that boy more about it but not wanting to put her into a position of talking about “those kind of things” I decided not too. I don’t regret my decision; stigmatizing young children with strange phenomena can be detrimental. High school and above is a different story. My children are much older now and I have mentioned a few things about ET’s to them—-however they don’t seem that interested, if and when they become curious I will tell them whatever they wish to know.

  1. This planet is in the incubation stages—-there are more than one race of ET’s here because there are many programs involved—-humans share identical DNA because that is a requirement of this planet—–but that doesn’t mean all humans originated from one place, but from hundreds of places in the galaxy.
  2. They interact with those [humans] they use as vehicles to bring things into this planet, like technology, and higher awareness.
  3. The population as a whole would revolt against an entity from other worlds—–not everyone wants ET’s down here telling us what to do. The vast majority is not ready.
  4. It is ethical to keep this planet from a mental meltdown, because that’s what would happen if all of a sudden humanity became aware that there are thousands of ET ships on earth, on the moon, in orbit around the planet and throughout the solar system.

In this big bad world you have to get your own proof—–no earthling has the authority to hand it out. I have proof but I can’t share it so I look the fool—–still, since I am able to remember many of my experiences I take that as sign that I can speak about some of them. Many know something is going on—–so I tell a few things to validate that there is something going on. What is proof for me? I have listed some in this tread, I have been in ET ships—-most of the time I find myself inside them with no idea how I got there—-I leave the same way.

I entered them on military bases (walked in) —-as I have already stated in this thread. However, I have a clear memory of something like a worm hole opening up in my bedroom wall, and an alien came out of it, we talked for awhile and then it took me into the hole and we were in the ship. This did not occur from a sleep state—-it happened before I went to bed. I was one hundred percent awake and cognizant—–until I entered the ship. Once in the ship I have patches of memory—-with many empty gaps. They took me places away from this planet—–much of the time I was asleep or knocked out.

I talk about what I remember—–they obviously don’t want me or others to come back with more detailed accounts—–but just enough to know that there is something big going on in our solar system, and that the galaxy is swarming with civilizations millions of years ahead of us. They gave me proof—-and I never asked for it—–they give proof to thousands of people—-most will never admit to it, and many will take what they know to the grave with them. It took me fifty-two years to talk about my involvement. The proof is not “out there” it’s here on this planet—–for thousands, maybe millions of people that have tasted it.

ET’s have always been here—–they are everywhere. There are millions of solar systems that are pure Utopias—–whether earth will be turned into one—-I have no idea. Everything already exists; there is no technology that we can imagine that doesn’t exist. Sickness, poverty, war, pestilence, hate, prejudice and a host of other calamities, are simply apparatus of planets as this one—–and not a permanent condition of mankind.

Only one hundred years ago indoor plumbing didn’t exist for the vast majority of people. There were no airplanes—-other than a few experimental ones. Electricity that would revolutionize everything and take mankind into the twenty-first century was slowly being introduced to mankind by (E)dison and (T)esla. As you can see ET’s has been helping—–we didn’t get from horse drown wagons to space shuttles in less than sixty years by ourselves—–By putting things into our minds we then turn around and put
those things into blueprints, new inventions, and build a better mouse trap, a faster airplane, etc.

Technology 1/2

There would be no military without alien technology. The military (US) receives huge amounts of information from the aliens—-but few understand how that knowledge is transferred. The aliens don’t had our people a set of blueprints and tell them to go build it. Information is transferred partially threw telepathy, like uploading information on a computer.

I use the word telepathy because we don’t have a word to describe higher forms of brain-to-brain transfers of knowledge, ideas, creativity. We (I) don’t always know who is sending the information—-aliens, a super computer on the ship—-a living mind on the ship? We are like ants cleaning up a piece of candy that has melted on the sidewalk.

From what I learned life has been around forever, trillions of years.That contradicts the age of the universe (according to our scientist) by a whole lot—-so I don’t know if I misunderstood, but I figured they would know more than we—-we haven’t hatched form this planet yet—what the heck could we know about anything in the universe?

Go to any city on this planet and they have their own unique buildings and traditions—-but they have one thing in common—crime, hate, rape, robbery, love, poverty, abundance, etc. I never asked that question but I do know that there are many levels—-there are millions of planets much more primitive than this one and millions much more advanced. On this planet we have the whole gamut—-from primitive villages—-to modern cities—-I assume that would be true throughout the galaxy.

Reverse engineering—-and I have used the term myself—-is misleading—–there is no way we could reverse engineer their stuff. They simply teach us and show us how to get to the next step of technology the old fashion way, like teaching a child to ride a bike—–they fall off until they fine tune their equilibrium. That’s why we have to test things over and over, before we get it right. To test the reverse engineer thing try it yourself reversed engineer your television—–from scratch,
make the resistors, capacitor, transistors, ICs picture tube. That should be simple for the average person. And the average person is what our best scientists are when faced with alien technology; they understand nothing about it. Televisions have been around for more than fifty years—-yet most people have no clue how they work—–make one from scratch, yeah!

It’s more like what don’t the aliens have? They have every gadget imaginable, and mostly unimaginable—-by human concepts.Their stuff is so futuristic compared to our stuff, that much of it has life like qualities—-animation. Humans are slowly getting there—-we have talking cars, coffee pots, microwaves, etc. Their stuff can move about, make decisions, communicate, and take many forms—–that sometimes change in front of your eyes. Some of the objects have more personality than the alien beings.

The only battles we are being thought to fight are the everyday battles of life. The ET’s have millions of years of technological superiority to humans—–believe me they can fight their own battles. The nuclear physics that came from ET has given us the ability to fight without the use of ground troops—-one or two well placed nuclear or biological weapons can disable any country and or planet, sending them back to the Stone Age or eternal rest. If humans can do that think what ET’s can do.

ET’s infuse people on earth with new knowledge at appropriate stages, and it will go on for a long time——humans are still playing in the sandbox with little shovels and buckets—–but bigger stuff is coming off the assembly line. Some stuff takes years before the general public becomes aware of it. New ideas and technologies continue unabated to be introduced across the board, not only to the military, but to individuals, entrepreneurs, industry, and universities. The exotic stuff falls to the military and their contractors because the average Joe shouldn’t be running around with dangerous materials that only select ET approved scientist and physicists know how to play with.

Worker drones are part of the program—–they do the manual, tedious and dirty work. They are highly advance machines that are difficult for the human mind to comprehended—-it would be like your dishwasher moving about the house collecting dirty dishes, or your car running errands, changing its own oil, taking the dog out for a walk.

Drones process abducted humans like nurses taking your temperature and blood pressure before the doctor sees you. Like some nurses they are impersonal—-it’s a job—–and they scare the crap out of those they handle. ET’s manipulate the same way your boss, teacher, or parents do—-to get you to do something you don’t want to do. Are they manipulating mankind—–yes—–that’s why they are here—-to entice us into space, like a mother bird nudges its young to take flight out of the next.

Technology is released by ET’s—–and controlled by ET’s, not greedy humans. But no one wants to believe stuff like that, nevertheless, that is the way it is. Many ET’s have thousands and millions of years on us—–don’t you think that they could simply create or make any DNA they need? DNA is complex for us but not for them. They do manipulate our DNA—-for us—-they also use it on intermediate species—-human/alien breeds—-but I don’t know much about it.

Alien ships have been shot down on this planet——since human technology can’t do it that leaves other ET’s. I haven’t seen any of their weapons, they don’t need them against us—–and I don’t think they (those other ET’s) can use them on us. No doubt there are battles going on—–there are billions of solar systems in this galaxy which equate to hundreds of millions of highly advanced races—–chances are disputes happen.

This planet is a nursery and we have yet to hatch from it. What we see as brilliant technology and scientific breakthroughs—-is nothing but Child’s play compared to what exist in the real big galaxy we live in.
We were planted here many eons ago—-and nurtured by certain ETs. However, the body is only one element—-there is an everlasting soul plugged into each body—–so there are many levels of ET’s involved in this process we call mankind.

While in Italy during my early years of life, post WW2, I was in ships that flew into space in a blink of an eye and I saw earth and the other planets from these ships—-looking through portholes. Those were my first experiences—-Italy was like a Third World country at the time, devastated by war—-the village I lived in had no radios, televisions, or any concepts of space travel—-bicycles and horses were the main form of transportation.

Years later in American I was in the military in the early seventies—-I was privy to much of the leading edge technology we had, —-the SR-71 spy-plane used for reconnaissance over Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, China, and the USSR was secret and leading edge technology at the time—-the general public wouldn’t know of it for many years after the war was over. The SR-71 was a toy in comparison to what I was flying in back in the early nineteen fifties, many years before the SR-71 was even on the drawing board.

I was able to compare our American technology with alien technology while in the service—-how can I put it—ours tinker toys, theirs pure magic—-no comparison—not even close, not in the ballpark, we are infants they are Einsteins times a thousand.Even our Sci-Fi stuff like Star Trek is embarrassingly insignificant in comparison. They have thousands if not millions of years advantage over us—-the us military and the secret governments are afraid of these ET’s and their magic machinery.

Like I said in my earlier post the nearer I get to telling the truth the more bizarre it sounds and the more people that will think me nuts—-so how the heck do I tell my story and make it believable short of dragging an extraterrestrial out into public? So I tell my story for those who are interested in knowing the fantastic possibilities that are out there—-no one has to believe it, but it’s true.

You may have had contact with drones they are unpleasant they do a job and kick you out the door when they are through with you. But usually they only treat adults that way. I haven’t had any bad experiences while I was young, I played with others my age inside the ship, sometimes it was parked above earth other times it flew around the solar system and we got to look out thought the portholes.

I hear many stories where people like you describe abductions at an early age and being afraid—many visits are for medical procedures—-ET doesn’t use anesthesia so that may explain the fear. We humans are afraid of a lot of things including life itself—-you can only imagine when faced with something extraterrestrial—with brains that are not wired for that kind of experience. If you are nuts then we all are. No point fearing ET they have your best interest in mind—-even the drones can’t hurt you.

There is no such thing as new technology, everything already exist somewhere. There are people and places on earth that don’t have cellular phones and computers—-fewer and fewer places. ET ships exist and some day that magic technology will be just another part of every day things like former magic stuff—electricity, the phone, radio, flight, and sliced bread. The military is playing with some flying machines now that would boggle the minds of everyone on this planet if they knew about them—-ET is releasing fantastic toys at a rapid rate into the hands of certain governments, only slowing down to give us time to incorporate their magic into our reality.

Everything we have today is magic, the airplane, computer, electricity life itself —-yet because people are use to those things they don’t see them for what they are—-things of the supernatural world Most non human physical bodies are soulless they operate on a high level of intelligence what we call artificial intelligence or instinct—–one and the same BTW—–yet souls can enter them—-but usually for a short duration There is no such thing as soulless behavior you are either a soul or a toaster—–insects and animals are complex forms of toasters.

Crop circles are made by ET and some are made by humans in ships and equipment provided by ET—–some are coded messages like billboards for other ET’s and humans who work for ET, some are nothing more than graffiti made by bored humans playing with cool alien stuff. Not one single grain is damage when ET makes them.

You asked if humans will build machines that they can transfer their souls to—-that’s way different from a heart pump. Billions of planets have technology far more advanced than earth. And life goes on without machines or human type bodies—for most life is forever and although you may not travel between the stars while on earth and in human form you will travel to other stars in other lives—-most likely you have unless you are fairly new to the universe.

Roswell happened and the ETs recovered were biological machines with no souls—–most of what abductees come in contact with are these types of alien equipment. Biological machines do the grunt work, the tedious jobs—-like the robots that build cars along side of humans on the assembly line.

Humans use many robots and are getting close to making artificial intelligence so that robots can think on their own—-ET is much more advance they created the human machine and human type robots which have the ability to operate ships alone—-like intelligent probes. So what really happened at Roswell in 1947? There were two ships and six biological machines—-the crash was staged for the purpose that it achieved—–it made every newspaper in the world—-disclosure of sorts. But too much knowledge is not a good thing and the cover up was implemented by ET not the army air force—-the idea of other life was planted in the human psyche. Meanwhile a large amount of new technology was handed over to America using the crashed ships.

We need ET technology to get out and they are not giving it—–nevertheless it will take the next thousand years to explore this solar system—–and the next few thousands of years to build cities on many of the moons in this solar system. Why do we have large cities and small towns—–why not build up all the small towns and make them large cities?—-because some people like small towns and some like large cities—–each presents different challenges and opportunities.

ET stuff has peculiar properties that leave no mental finger prints or physical litter. Once the items leave the ship they have short life spans, some last a few hours some a few days before they deteriorate and vanish into the air like a gas. The material most of these things are made of is high in energy and extremely unstable in earth’s environment. However, some items can be stabilized and last much longer when ET chooses to give them added properties—–sort of like a food preservative.

You can’t keep ET stuff hidden in a drawer, basement or garage unless it’s a duplicate made of materials that can be found on this planet but these duplicates have few or none of the properties of the original.So where do I keep my stuff? If you don’t want the food to spoil you keep it in the refrigerator, if you have ET stuff you keep it in the ship.

Disclosure & Government

That is only one reason governments don’t talk about extraterrestrials, they don’t know what they are and have zero ability to defend against them. What government is going to admit they are inferior? really inferior, like an ant against an elephant. Governments are terrified of the aliens, should they tell that to the people? The governments are not calling the shots-never have- never will.

From what I have learned they are not here to make themselves known to the majority of the people of the world- they don’t have to have contacts with any governments, they only do so because of some higher extraterrestrial protocol.They can do their work without humanity knowing about them. Since they have made contact with certain governments and individuals it seems practical that they have intentions of making themselves known at some point– I have no information on this.

Perhaps humans need to make a physiological leap before we can handle them face to face. A leap that will not happen until we hatch from this egg we call planet Earth and move out into the solar system.

Because they know how detrimental that would be to our development. If they came out our lives would be totally disrupted- no one would go to work, everything would come to a standstill- whose operating the trains,the street lights, delivering the food to the stores, gas pumps would go dry, –and on and on.

Everyone would be so blown away that they wouldn’t function.Could you go about your daily routine if an armada of alien ships suddenly appeared on this planet? BTW they are here, incognito for your protection. They would have to take complete charge of six billion people, reorganize the whole planet pronto before humans starved to death.

It would not be a pretty picture, for one there would be lots of people against what they would see as an alien invasion and form a resistance movement, in the mean time chaos would engulf the planet. Formal alien contact sounds nice but its impossible at this stage of human development. Humans need to cut their teeth in space and become more like the aliens before we can communicate with them openly. It will happen.

We have stealth craft designed to avoid radar and other forms of detection because we wish to remain incognito during reconnaissance. The ET’s have the ability to mask their ships in infinite ways, including making them very difficult to photograph.They are invisible most of the times and uncloak only when they want certain people to see them.– however they don’t allow clear photos of their ships because they are not ready to make full contact.

That is why most contactee can only give briefs statements of theirs experiences- ninety five percent of what most experience is blocked from memory- regression only reveals what the aliens allow and most of the time info from regression is only stuff the ET’S put there for that purpose- ETs are not as dumb as some people think. ET’s will dictate information telepathically like questions asked of them – seeing is believing they know this and don’t want much of their stuff described on the front pages of newspapers.

If ET’s wanted full disclosure it would be easy for them to do it -they don’t want that- way too disruptive, instead they let it permeate out slowly through crops circles, abductions, movies, books and people like me who seek lots of attention. Most will not believe– look how long it took to figure out that the Earth moves around the Sun and this planet is not flat– even through simple instruments and common sense could have disclosed those facts. Some people will believe — not because they are easily fooled but because they know instinctively. Most will continue to graze on the same old sod because that’s what everyone else is doing.

Secret governments do abduct people and animals for various reasons but they don’t have to leave evidence, neither does ET. They can’t allow full disclosure but UFO sightings, mutilations and alien crashes are part of the mind games played on humans by both ET and covert organization.

Many are expecting disclosure in a large way but the vast majorities on this planet are not, nor are they truly aware of the possibility of extraterrestrials residing on Earth–and in sizeable number– if that were to get out it would scare the sh-t out of a lot of people. The numbers of humans ready for wholesale disclosure are not there and will not be for some time. In the mean time personal disclosure goes on every day– however many of those people have a difficult time with it– even those who believed they were ready for anything have discovered that they can’t handle it.

ET has contact with many in our government but only a few government people know it. They know exactly who is at fault and some organization who believe themselves righteous in that regard have only deceived the world. They have spelled it out to lots of people but it will be a while before they come out of the closet for the general population.

The government has no choice but to cooperate with ET. ET is not a threat to national security but if the average person who is oblivious of ET should ever know that they exist and are infinitely superior, that would be a problem. Its way too early for a one world government and that’s what will happen when they disclose themselves. Disclosure is not happening from the human end– no government has that authority or ability to do it.

It’s far too soon for worldwide “first contact.” Besides there is nothing that you could do or say that will convince non-believers of anything other than you might have a mental problem for talking about ET. The vast majority remains stuck attempting to comprehend human phenomena- they are not ready for the extraterrestrial stuff. The memo for full disclosure has not been sent out however there will be a huge increase in personal contacts in the coming years.

ET’s are not going to make themselves known to the general population of earth anytime soon—-unless there are major earth changes in the works like natural or economic catastrophe. Short of that, worldwide contact is not going to happen—–it’s nowhere near time for them to come out.

Every president beginning with George Washington knew and met with ET—so have other world leaders.

Alien Versus Human 1/3

The extraterrestrials are not going to take over this planet, it’s possible they have always had some control of this planet and the inhabitants. Aliens are not here to do harm, -if they were a snap of the finger would eliminate all life on this planet. What do they look like? whatever they want to look like.

The aliens carry some kind of electrical charge—–and they radiate this field—there is a subtle physiological effect on the human body when they are near.When they get to close—-it may be love!—-kidding. We can’t acknowledge them—–they have total control of the encounter—-that’s why the governments of the world don’t like them—-they love their technology exchange program though.

Compared to humans, aliens are perfect, they don’t make mistakes. Anyone who sees an alien ship (UFO) that close more than likely has been inside the craft, and possibly taken on a leisurely cruse around the solar system. Or they were programmed for something, repaired of something (illness, disease, etc) or even damaged for reasons only the aliens know. They also take sperm, eggs and fetuses.

ET’s can get into your head and access everything in there—-like a computer hack. So plotting against them is impossible. Some ET’s are essential to humans, and I believe that if they were not here shielding us, earth and humans might look much different, perhaps more chaos, more poverty—-life might me like it was in the Dark Ages.

It’s not that big a deal for ET’s to be omnipotent, they have the technology. Have you noticed that cameras are going up everywhere in your city? Have you ever driven in a neighborhood without seeing a single cop and the moment you go over the speed limit they are right there on you?ET’s are infinitely more attune to humanity than that, however, to what degree they get involved, I don’t know. ET’s never barge in—–they permeate into your room. Apparently their concepts of privacy and individual rights are vastly different than ours—-and the powers that be “alien protocol” must allow it.

We hold a power over our children—-we discipline them, go into their room without asking and treat them badly——as they often interpret our actions towards them—–when if fact we are only looking out for their well being. Humans have a mind and humans can outwit other humans—–unfortunately and I know no one wants to hear or believe it but ET’s hold all the cards. Perhaps there are humans able to condition themselves better—-after all we are all unique—-I haven’t run into any. I see no reason to be afraid of them but we are. Pick up a turtle on the road and move it to safety off the road—-the turtle knows not that you save its life—-it pees out of fear because something strange picked it up.

Aliens have jobs to do—–they are not here to play footsies with us. When they abduct people it is strictly business, however some of them have a sense of humor and pranks are not out of the question. Why are you on here? Has something happened to you that you can’t explain? Most human specimens don’t know they have ever had contact with ET’s—–some have bits and pieces of memories of aliens, others only a strange feeling or deep curiosity. ET’s know us inside and out, better than we know ourselves—–that’s why they have limited contact with us. ET’s come in many different flavors, some care deeply—–most are indifferent—–it’s a job—–then there are those that plain don’t like us—–why? Have no idea.

Time is an illusion—–get out into space away from planet Earth and what do you use to measure time with? Our twenty-four hour system is based on the rotation of this planet, and its movement around the sun—–I know that you know this, I only point it out to demonstrate how fickle the whole idea of time is.

ET’s are not constrained by the illusion of time—–they don’t have time clocks—–they don’t have to be anywhere at certain times—–most of the life forms in this galaxy do not conform to time and schedules. It’s a fairly new phenomenon on this planet; it became important with the industrial revolution at the turn of the nineteenth century. Eventually it will not be important for the vast majority once we enter the next transitional period—–possibly in the next few decades. They are capable of inter-dimensional travel——we are too, our souls can travel on that super highway

There are millions of planet’s in this galaxy just like earth—–same type of people—-same type of problems. They nurse us through life because there is no other way to get us from point A to point B.

ET’s are technical advisers, teachers, slave drivers, your best friend and your worst nightmare. They don’t sit back and watch—–they are neck deep in mankind’s affairs. We have free will—–although it doesn’t always feel like it. They mind the crib, and are now preparing the house so that we can crawl around some of the rooms. As is obvious to most of us the next few decades we’ll be stepping out of the crib and venturing into space. They are preparing the way—-but will remain behind the stage scenery—–so not to distract.

We are entering a phase of phenomenal change—–the problems on this planet are only a distraction—-not a deterrent to what is ahead. While many fear the future and believe that life on this world is going down the toilet fantastic changes will happen right under their noses. Many will participate—-many will run and hide fearing the change.

The ET’s don’t have to get comfortable with us—–we have to get comfortable with them—–that’s a pretty big leap—–and it will only take place over time. I don’t know where they are concerning their level of spirituality, I believe it to be quite high, much of our contact is with their machines—-which are intelligent but lacking in that area.

The ones I am aware of are not in need of anything we have, instead they provide incremental information that we need to advance to the next stage. These ET’s are not from a dying planet—–they are from highly advance systems in this galaxy in need of nothing. In our galaxy there is no shortage of any material and those with the technology can harvest whatever they need——indefinitely. There is a higher power that rules over our solar system and this planet and it’s not a bunch of greedy people hording resources unless they are ET’s or put in place by ET. There are no humans calling the shots—-that’s only a smoke screen. Technology is not kept from people by CEOs because they haven’t figured out a way to make money on it.

Planet earth is ET’s playground; humans are more alien to earth than ET’s.They are not affected by placing cups of water around the house—-they cannot be locked into a room—–nor can earthly germs harm them—-they created the germs. Their minds are not affected by the earth’s environment at all—–however lots of humans are; allergies, colds and flu etc. ET’s have been in “their” atmosphere here on earth eons before humans and are well adapted to it. ET’s don’t get sick, or disoriented. But then how would I know that? Maybe I am making it all up. Or the ET’s have lied to me—-you never know who to trust.

The idea that the universe has always been is harder to swallow than the existence of one all powerful god—-or that ET’s are real, or that we are intelligent apes. We humans get comfortable with something and would rather die than give it up. The idea of a perpetual universe would throw monkey wrenches into many beliefs (religious and secular), overturning the whole concept of what matter is. What I mean by hatching is spreading out into the solar system, building cities on other planet’s, moons and in space. Eventually creating a mega complex of cities containing billions of people.

The purpose of humanity is to design and build the extraterrestrial structures and in so doing add exponentially to our collective knowledge as we discover and work with new and exotic materials found on the other planet’s. Humans are individual cells creating a bigger self, like cells that multiply and fill-in the cranium of a human brain. Thousands of years from now the solar system will be glowing with human activity—-and a greater range of intelligence. We will then be closer to understanding our origins and what it is that pulls the strings.

There is no death—-and some come back to this place, others will remain in the spiritual sector—-and continue their work from there—-some become other types of beings working in this solar system or one of the trillions of others.

As you know here on earth metabolism is nonstop to meet the demands of mind and body 24/7. But in space—-inside ET’s ship things are different—–the body and the mind require a fraction of the energy—–and that fraction seems to be met from the glow of energy radiated by the ship. Going into the ship is physiologically easier on the system than leaving. There is a difference—-adjusting to the gravity and the metabolism going from near hibernation back up to full speed creates a drain on energy—–but its usually of short duration—-however there were times I felt like I worked in the coal mines for a couple of shifts.

I never floated, nor was I aware of a gravitational pull. There is no up, down or sideways in space but there is a sense of equilibrium, standing up and walking is the same as if you are on earth—–less any fatigue, so the gravity or whatever force that keeps you from bouncing about the ship hardly taxes the muscles. There was no sensation of moving when the ship beamed around at neck-break speeds—–there are no harnesses that I was aware of—–I wasn’t strapped into a seat—–I never saw a seat—–perhaps they take them out only for the VIPs. I’m thinking that since there is little if any wear-and-tear on the body while in the ship that the ageing process is suspended during those moments, hours, or days with ET.

ET’s and their machines will not hurt you—-that’s not their purpose. If you are evil or have done something bad then you will have to make amends—-if not don’t worry about them—–they may be there to protect you. If you have done something wrong and wish to change your ways they can help you get the encouragement you need without face to face contact. They hear every thought you have and you can communicate your wishes to them that way. Bottom line go about you daily business and don’t worry—-they will do whatever job it is they have to do—-and you don’t have to be aware of it. Because of the nature of what they re—–humans have a natural fear of them—–“fear not” because there is nothing to fear.

ET’s are not here to entertain us that is why most abductees don’t remember much—–there is nothing good to remember in many encounters. You don’t have to do anything for them to notice you they know who you are and deal with you according to whatever reason they are in contact with you. They make the call on how much you will remember—-if you remember little or nothing—–then that’s for your own good. Any concerns or requests you have—they know about—–forcing an encounter can be a double edge sword——you know without a doubt they are real but the encounter may not be a positive one and you might even beg them to erase it. Why are some encounters so bad—–because they might show you something about yourself—–you would rather not know.

They have an interest in you that which only they know what that is, however, it may not be necessary for you to remember what and why they have this connection with you. They always work behind the scenes—-in a few cases they will gradually let you remember things—-but it can be a slow and long process—–they are extremely different than us—–their appearance—-the energy they emit—-they talk into your mind——they know your thoughts—–there is no causal conversation—–as we humans are use to. They may sense that you really want to remember more and are conditioning you for that eventuality—-assuming it is they that are putting those ideas in your head and not you. Nevertheless, no need to lose sleep, there is nothing you can do about them—-they can’t and will not harm you. In the meantime enjoy life, don’t fret over anything—–most people forget to take advantage of the things we can control.

Only an infant mind can believe ET’s don’t exist. Billions of planetary systems equal billions of inhabited planet’s. Inhabited not by microbes but by people like us—-some less advanced and some far far more advanced. Wake up little children.

This thread is about aliens from space that have traveled billions of miles in fantastic machines and they have been doing it for thousands of years and will be doing it for thousands of years to come. They do this without human approval because they were here first and they are infinitely more complex than humans—-an adult does not need to ask his five year old child permission to do anything—-can such a child give any usable advice to the adult? The child depends completely on the adult—-without ever understanding anything about that adult. And that’s no fairy-tale!

Let me put it this way—-I know there are thousands of aliens coming and going, and living on this planet—lots of people know.
What are the odds that nothing is ever found by the civilian population—litter, UFO parts and alien bodies? Nothing is found because they make no mistakes. Ships and aliens or most likely androids from crashed ET vehicles that are in possession of various governments and their military’s are planted for the purpose of the awaking process mankind is undergoing. I don’t know how many alien species there are visiting this planet and I doubt anyone knows—-four to five hundred billion star systems in this galaxy equates to countless possibilities. Nevertheless, it’s a big puzzle and the pieces are highly dispersed among the population—-the awaking process is slow and drawn out, so that a kink in the program doesn’t form and throw everything off kilter.

Nevertheless without extraterrestrials humans are nothing. The difference between humans and ET is that ET needs not to have recognition—-they do everything while keeping themselves hidden in the background. Why then don’t they fix all the problems?—-answer—they have fixed many problems millions of them—look at human history—look at today—-big difference. How long does it take us to fix our personal problems? The world is a big and complex place and problems are being fixed at the appropriate pace.

Contact 2/2

My early encounters were casual almost friendship like. As I got older they became distant, they were around me but not face to face while on the ship. ET’s in human costume off ship could fool anyone, they are eccentric but for the most part they communicate like humans—-they talk. I have had some horrific encounters but it may have been my misinterpretation—–they may have been showing me some type of disaster—-or something in the future—–like an earthquake or battle scene—–I’m not physic, and can’t predict things but I have felt the pain and fear and seen some strange things like I was watching a movie while on the ship. Perhaps it was only movie night with ET and the feature film was some horror show—-otherwise why expose me to situations I can’t do anything about?

Area 51 is famous because lots of people believe that’s where—-if aliens are really visiting earth—-they are hiding out. I have been to lots of places where ET’s are “hiding out”. Most of these places I only see from the inside so I really don’t know where they are located. I’m never aware of everything in those places—–not being a smart a–, but they don’t have signs telling you where you are—–the ET’s don’t believe that to be pertinent information to give us—-especially since what they are doing is obviously secret.

They come mostly in the early morning hours—–I am usually awake in bed. When they enter the room my whole brain becomes electrically aware similar to a fluorescent bulb when placed in the vicinity of a high energy field—-it picks up the energy and lights up, and a loud sound fills my ears—-no one hears it but the intended—-my wife sleeps right through it, they keep her sleeping. I have met them during daytime and they were garbed as humans and their energy field affects me—sometimes causing stomach cramps. They affect certain electrical things including my car when I took them places.

I saw earth from space more than once—–not a dream, not an illusion. When I was very young some fifty years ago before the USSR and the US put people into orbit, before any television shows like Star Trek, and many alien movies, and books—–I was running around a space ship with other children—-I often looked out the ship and saw huge globes hanging in the darkness of space.

I lived in a small village with no modern conveniences, televisions and radios and books of fiction didn’t exist for us—–there is no way my mind could have created what I experience without having some reference—–like tv, books and stories. My parents didn’t and don’t believe in ET, so they didn’t tell me stories. And how would they have described a fantastical ship when the bicycle was our main form of transportation.

ET’s show themselves every single day, they are in constant contact with certain people on this planet in an advisory capacity. However, most don’t know they are dealing with ET’s.

When you talk to yourself in your head you can also talk to ET—in a conversational voice When I said to sit alone in the dark I was referring to the fear factor one will encounter when they are face to face with ET.

It’s not a job you apply for, nor can you get in through a government agency, ET chooses those who work for them—-no negotiations, no contracts—–most don’t know that they work for ET.

ET talks to certain leaders every single day, they make suggestions and those request are carried out without hesitation or resistance—–sounds creepy but that is the way it has always been done. So what technology have we been given by ET? All our technology came from ET. Corso told the truth—-however, he was given little information about ET’s.

ET’s do personal disclosures all the time——they have no reason to do an overt disclosure to the general population anytime soon—-once humans are in space in significant numbers they will know a little more about the big picture. Presently they are enticing humans to go into space by showing themselves more often to the astronauts and the space agencies. Once thousands of humans are in space the existence of ET’s will be unquestionable—-but ET will continue to remain out of reach—-the carrot is very important to get the donkey moving and keep him moving.

Like I pointed out in my last post many people have found being face to face with an ET the most terrifying experience in their life short of a nightmare. No one knows what is going on between an ET and the person they are in contact with—it’s between the two of them and no one else. Teachers can be intimidating—-in some countries they are tyrannical—-I went to a Catholic school when I was young—-an encounter with a nun was to be avoided at all cost—-they could do with a simple twelve inch ruler what no one else on this planet could do—–put the fear of god in you.

I will put it another way—-the US military is terrified of all ET’s—-yet they have regular contact with many.

There are many groups that work with ET’s, most of the people—-scientists don’t know it and believe it is they and their colleagues making the breakthroughs—-ET’s don’t take credit for anything they do and they like to keep it that way—-nevertheless they let people like me leak out that reality—not sure why.

Far & Beyond

Alpha Centauri one of the nearby stars is about 4.3 light years away. For an alien that’s not very far, for humans with our present technology it would take several lifetimes.

Our probes can travel about 22,000 miles an hour—-we don’t have a ship that can carry humans that fast yet. But if we did, it would only take about 130,000 years to get to our nearest neighbor, so pack a big lunch. I visited a star system much further than Alpha Centauri—-don’t know which one and it didn’t take more than a few weeks, if that.

I don’t know how long the journey was, but it was under a month that I was away. It was like taking an ape into New York City and showing it the town and taking it back to the jungle and letting it tell the other apes what it saw. I remember crystal type structures—-not much about the people. However I have seen places more in line with earth, human looking people in what we would call futuristic cities.

Even after humans build cities throughout the solar system “Boldly traveling in a star ship out of this solar system is unlikely in a physical body. However there are many solar systems that have multiple suns, and there are star clusters where “Boldly Going to other stars in fantastic Star Trek kind of ship is a reality.

Humans would lose most of their bone mass traveling to our nearest planet Mars—-if they were not in an ET ship—-ET ships move rapidly and human bodies do not—so you have to take them off—-sounds to crazy? Sorry.

I said to travel out of our solar system you have to remove your physical body. While in the solar system you can remain in your body—-but some who are abducted—-only their soul is taken, while their body remains asleep in their bed.

The trip lasts a few hours, with plenty of time for sightseeing—-to one or two of the Saturnian’s moons. Considering that Saturn is one light hour from the sun and it would take nearly two years to get there one way with theoretical conventional craft—–craft that humans don’t even have on the drawing board yet—-and will not until sometime in the next century.

ET’s travel pretty dang fast—–nearly faster than the speed of light while in the solar system—–but theoretical physics can’t explain that kind of speed when concerning physical objects—-everything seems to break down I was covered in a substance that fit me tightly like a wet suit. But they say that time flies when you are having fun—-maybe it took longer and I was having so much fun that it only seemed like a few hours.

Alien Versus Human 2/3

It’s best that most don’t remember who they are and why they are here, for one that information would detract and add nothing to this experience. Without the aid of ET there would be no escape from this planet, no moving forward, no advancement in ecology and no hope for mankind, earth would be a dead zone. Humans helping humans is like the blind leading the blind, yet few people understand that or are aware of that reality. The vast majority need not know any different that’s the way ET wants it.

100% is true, but there is no chance that the apple cart is going to get over turned any time soon. Most people are locked into their illusions—-however—-ever so slowly, ET unlocks the minds of thousands of people, and these people suddenly notice that there are billions of stars in the night sky, and their curiosity begins to unfold. How many people do you know—-need or want their view of the world to come to an end? No one is going to be dragged “kicking and screaming” into another reality—into the truth of what life really is about. Proof would shatter the illusions of this world for all—-but all are not ready for the next big step.

The ET’s that are here, the ones that make contact with humans are strictly business and show no signs of gender. There are alien tourist but they don’t have any contact with humans that I know of. The aliens that are in human “uniforms” have bodies that are anatomically correct but whether they function or are sterile I don’t know, my feeling is they are sterile. How they procreated on their planet’s is a blank. However they do have facilities in our solar system that house hybrids, many of them, but these hybrids are not for this planet or for this solar system.

Humans have a soul, the animal part—-the body is only a vehicle, nevertheless because of the soul every human has immeasurable value. People in prison have immeasurable value also yet they are not treated well—they believe and in many cases it’s true. Our situations whether bad or good is not a statement by ET that we are nothing but animals or commodities. However, our lives are not accidents, or coincidences, everything we go through or experience on this planet has a purpose.

ET’s are not attracted to our personal spirituality, intelligence or good looks—ET works with everyone on some level. Most people don’t need to understand what makes the engine in a car operate—to operate a car—ET works in a similar way—ET is he engine that makes thing go—hidden underneath the hood.

Doctors have a purpose but they are only one small part of the equation to good health. America with its state of the health industry has more sick people than Third World countries. Therefore the best health care is not the total solution. extraterrestrials don’t have doctors and hospitals as we do on earth. They don’t get sick or ill, their bodies and minds fix things before they break. Accidents are practically non existent for ET Human minds are equipped to fix many things that ail mankind—-the human mind is designed to fix anything and some day when people realize the power that resides in their head, health care will be obsolete—-the vast majority is not there yet—-but many are. But you never know, maybe ET will sneak in when you are not looking and fix you up. It happens all the time.

Go look in the mirror—what you see was created by ET. To simple and absurd you say? Is there any human technology that could create your eyes? Your hearing, your taste buds, your heart, lungs, billions of cells that replaced themselves every few days without you being aware—-that the body you resided in today is not the same body you were in last week and the week before all the way back to when you were born? And by the way before you were born—-at the very beginning of you, two strands of microscopic DNA joined together and began creating your body—-they would build the most complex machine known to man and do it in less than nine months. What have you done in the last nine months?

You know that all radio and television signals are perpetually drifting out in space Vibration live on forever—every thought—every action—-and though we can hide behind names such as sleeper or any other moniker everything that is mine can be traced back to me or whoever it originated from—-for eternity. Data is not collected—-whatever you generate follows you where ever you are or go—-and whatever you are is known by ET and those at that level. The moment you die depending on who you are you may be at that echelon. Probabilities and possibilities are human level concepts.

There are thousands of ET’s on this planet every second of the day—-coming, going and permanently garrisoned—-strange things happen for many reasons—-mostly to keep people away or to deflect attention from other places.

Everyone has the capacity to know—-the soul can tap into the vast library of knowledge that exists in the universe—seek and you will find—-blame others for your predicament and you will remain buried in ignorance.

A city large or small is like a galaxy and there are many galaxy some large some small. Each city has enough daycare centers to service the needs of the cities, each galaxy has more than enough ET’s to service all the needs of each solar system.

ET’s have jobs like us—but not the eight to five kind—-they love their jobs—-once you leave earth depending on who you are and what you have accomplished during your existence here and other places you may have the pick of great jobs or return here or some other planet and be a rock star or president—-or a coal miner, dishwasher—etc…

I m going to post a disclaimer: Things on my thread can be hazardous to the beliefs which are standard issue from our learning institutions. Unfortunately we cant have it both ways, you either believe in one or the other—-its oil and water, they dont mix well.

We are not a civilization we are individuals living in a civilization—–we are not a colony of ants or a herd, or robots, nor zombies—–we are each unique individuals with souls forged in celestial furnaces by the gods. We enter this planet alone and we leave it alone—-we dont come and go as a society, herd or colony. No civilization acquire anything on their own, intelligence or technology—-just like we have children, and our children have children, each generation of parents takes care of their children—-otherwise there would be no children.

Some people have to die to learn how to live—–those who have died are more alive than those who are on this planet—and think that they are alive. Life and death are both illusion. People on this planet are here because they are not perfect. The trip to perfection is a long and treacherous journey—-and not achieved easily in one life—–most people require many lifetimes to get there.

Do you think that the human mind is perfect? Evolution’s greatest masterpiece? In the big picture the human mind is no more than a calculator—-processes numbers and probabilities—-human minds are barely conscience—-their only purpose in life is to ask questions—-who am I—-what’s my purpose in life—–is this all there is—–what does that remind you of?—–perhaps an inquisitive child—-and I’m talking about adult minds. The body you reside in is like a universe—-every cell renews itself and every few days you have a completely new body—–the universe is the same it constantly renews itself And as far as why—-no particular reason—–because there could be an infinite number of reasons—-and yet not enough to satisfy everyone.

ET’s are the original two-face—-they can be both good and bad—-but they are always right—-and looking out for your best interest. ET’s are emissaries from the other side—-other planet’s in other star systems and dimensions in this universe. I would say that they are of the spirit type of existence except that everything is a spirit existence of one form or other—-matter is only another level of that kind of energy.

What these ET’s have shown me leaves no doubt in my mind that they are on the same level as deities—–they are not out there trying to figure things out—–their cities are beyond fantastic—-everything is magic—–and love radiates from everything including them—-when they don’t have their bad face on—-which they only put on while on earth. Here on earth as we all know the truth is difficult to come by—-and most of us wouldn’t know the truth if it fell on us like a brick wall—-the truth is a tough concept down here. But it’s not on the other side.

Also ET can take on any shape and personality they wish—–I remember touring the solar system with my grandmother—–I was young about ten and she was still alive and living in Italy while I was in the US—-I never was able to ask her if she remembered an episode like that—-she lived many years after but I would never see her again.

They have consciousness but to what level I don’t know—–many machines that accompany ET’s have the same kind of awareness that animals display yet they are nothing but smart equipment that perform services—–in a way similar to what pet’s provide—–companionship, protection, entertainment, and helpful like seeing eye dogs, or beasts of burden like horses, mules etc. Most machines are autonomous robots and function without anyone at the controls—–the human machine is the exception, it is designed specifically for a soul.

No one can discover everything in a single life time—-do first graders figure it all out their first year in school? And even after college or high school learning is a constant requirement to move forward in this life and all the rest. Without ET’s help nothing happens—-ET is the extended family. It’s a big universe and a very big consciousness—-the higher you go the more you can grasp.

ET can’t lie, not so for humans—–when we die it’s not over—-it’s never over unless somewhere down the line you decided to pull the plug—-or you are so bad that they give up on you—-which is rare ET physiology is vastly different than human—-no human can manhandle an ET—–nor interrogate an ET—-it would be more believable that a tribe of pygmies captured one of our generals and held him captive—–generals have many layers of protection around them with state of the art firepower—-ET is more untouchable than a thousand generals.

Everyone shares the DNA of their parents—-ET created human bodies a long time ago—and they are self-perpetuating—-using sex as the carrot to keep the humans from depleting. ET’s with souls are like us on the other side but while they are on this plane they use physical bodies—–much different than ours. Human bodies are what they strap the soul into like a seat belt on a car—–so that we can experience life on earth—-the challenges and everything that goes with individuals lives.

Everything is under ET control because ET is part of us—-our extended family. Everything is created by the life force that is made up of ET, humans and all other intelligent beings in the universe. Nothing happens without ET’s knowledge or nput—-sounds cruel but no one said this planet was heaven—–for some it’s like hell. Their bodies can be killed or damaged but not by humans, their physiology is not like ours—-they don’t feel pain. Like a lion tamer in a cage with lions—-the lions could tear him apart but the tamer has the mental advantage—-ET always has the advantage—-has anyone ever beat the crap out of an ET and showed it to anyone?—-out of the thousands of abductees it never happened even once.

They see the big picture and know that all pain and suffering is temporary—-do we go off the deep end every time a child falls and scrapes his knee? Some children act as if it’s the end of the world especially if there is blood. …on this planet pain, fear, terror, and psychopaths are part of the program—-it’s an incentive to keep us moving forward and keeping our nose clean. Everyone will die it’s the only way to get to the next level—-up or down.

So when the ET uses a human body as a “vehicle” to be among us incognito. Do they just make a human form and go into it, or “take” one from an unsuspecting person to use ? They create a human body from DNA they acquired from an abductee—-its new and never used. They have thousands of clones—-in a population of 6 and a half billion people they’ve had no trouble remaining incognito. We and they are spirits, their spirit can move from one body to another as simply as we change shirts. The human body and the bodies ET often use are simply machines—-when they enter a clone or another human or whatever costume they choose—–it’s their spirit—soul that resides in the machine—–they don’t become the machine—–as humans tend to do.
In other words, if you drive a Ford car you are not a Ford car you are a person driving a Ford car—–if you prefer something other than a Ford—-that’s OK too.

They let you see them to let you know that there is more to life than what is on this planet—–not all human brains are capable of understanding that—-hence the tantrums on this thread. You know what humans are capable of , hate and envy being the big ones—-ET neither hates or envies—-and most of the fear people report is unwarranted and in some cases exaggerated.

Those that live on this planet as humans do everything that humans do—-they could be your neighbors—-and they would be the ones you least suspect—-they have the human thing down very well and they do it better than humans. If you suspect someone is an alien—ET, then they are not—-they cover their tracks perfectly. Those that are garrisoned here and in human form have typical human families.

The Future

Good point. Once we get into space and set up colonies on Mars and the moon—-China, US, UN, EU, Japan, India, and others—-do you think it’s going to be smooth sailing? There will be disagreements, conflicts, and wars over land and boarders on those planet’s. Eventually Mars and the moon will unify under their own flags and separate from earthlings.That has been the pattern for thousands of years—-who believes that will change? Aliens do battle each other.

I think there is a misconception about what the ET’s will do. What they will not do is transform our way of life into their way of life in a day, year, decade, or centuries. We have a large portion of the world living like they did four thousand years ago—-simple huts, no sanitation, no clean and running water, mind-boggling poverty—-why don’t the advanced nations of the world cooperate and bring them into the twenty-first century? Because not everyone thinks they should interfere with sovereign nations, regardless on how bad off they are. There is disagreement among the ET’s about the level of interference they partake in on this planet as well.

Personally I think everyone should be brought up to a minimum of civilized standards—–and if it were up to me I would love to see this world taken into a way of life similar to that of the ET’s—-they exist in what we call utopia. From what I can tell, they are going to gradually and ever-so-slowly take us there—–most will not see it unfolding.

Will they show themselves openly around 2012—–I would be surprised—–however a lot more people will be working with them and know it. There is no end time, no Armageddon as talked about in the bible and other ancient literature with world wide destruction. However, there will be a major shift in technology and standard of living as we gear up to meet the challenges of space travel. Most people will not even notice, so for those waiting for the big change or revolution or to be taken into the sky by a savior—–is not going to happen. BTW lots of people have been taken into the sky in ships—it’s been going on for thousands of years. The trip usually doesn’t last long and they bring you back.

There is no need for the primitives to communicate with each other—-for one the distance will never be traversed and physical contact completely out of the question. Eventually people on earth will build cities on many of the moons and planet’s in the solar system but the human race will never leave this solar system—-alive.

Many people alive today will move on to other more advanced planet’s and solar systems and enjoy contact with a multitude of other life forms—–things that will boggle the mind even once the human blinders are removed. Others will return to this planet or other cities that get built in the next thousand years—so either way it will be a fun time for most—but not everyone.

2012 will be only one more year that we have to pay taxes, get up and go to work, take vacations, be happy about the good things that are happening and sad about the bad things . There will always be wars, rumors of wars, famines, and natural disasters—-otherwise we will never get off this planet. Life and death is one and the same—-you die here and live somewhere else.

They have opened the flood gates of technology coming into this planet because earth is on the brink of hatching out into the solar system—-perhaps not as fast as many people would like—-but maintaining the illusion that humans are doing it on their own is important.

Many solar systems are isolated for many reasons, which would fill hundreds of libraries if written down.

The human race is not doomed—-it is made of up hundreds of generations and each generation gets to experience certain things—-your children will venture further into space than your generation—-and their children even further—-your generation will be part of building the first structures on the moon and perhaps on Mars but the vast majority of your generation will not venture into space at all—-If you wish to increase your odds of getting into space in any meaningful way you should concentrate on fields of study that will place you in those coveted positions—–humans will not travel further than Mars until the next century—-unless they are taken by ET. Most solar systems have limits but that still leaves billions that don’t.

With large populations large cities are the only way—-sanitation, clean water, resources etc. Earth will have a population of over twelve billion by the end of this century—-cities will be much larger, more efficient and safer. A lot is going to happen in 2012 but unfortunately for those that are expecting the world as we know it to come to an end they will be disappointed. Look at the world today, most of us can only see it from our window, our little corner and much of what we see is run-of-the-mill—-nothing exciting. For drama we have to watch or read the news—-the war in Iraq, the riots in France, the crazy weather down under There is plenty of turmoil going on every day somewhere in the world whether it is war or a climate induced famine and other calamities that keep stirring the pot of humanity.

The population will continue to increase substantially this century and grow even more rapidly in the next one. As the population grows chaos and overcrowding will actually decrease and resources will increase substantially—-believe it or not. People will work, live and be entertained within the same super structures which will reduce the need for cars and congestion—–people of today will not recognize this planet in as little as fifty years from now.

As most people know the climate of the earth has changed many times, but the weather is only one factor of the equation.

I mean, is there no line between flesh and machine that should-not be crossed? Yes, but we have a long way before we get to that bridge.

Seems like you are saying that merging flesh and machine will be good for humans? It’s one machine interfacing with another, the human machine and the mechanical one. We interact with computers every day without giving it much thought but what are we doing when we sit in front of a computer screen? We are scanning information from it and uploading it into our brains with our biological eyes and mind—-then we upload information from our brain into the computer with a keyboard using our fingers Our fingers and eyes can only move so fast—-not fast enough for the future; the only solution is to plug ourselves into the ever increasing technological advances. Only one hundred years ago people were afraid to enter the industrial age. What does ET have to say about this? It’s their baby.

Fear mongers prevail because for some strange reason we humans are attracted to gloom and doom like moths to a fire. A one world government is not going to happen in your or my lifetime and may not happen for another hundred years—but it will happen. Even in a one world government there will be outcasts and millions of people that will live in the hills, in the ghost towns and other abandoned cities—-choosing to live in squalor rather than live in the mega cities. As is true today there are many able bodied people that chose to live on the fringes of society—-and I mean chose, because they don’t want the structure and responsibility that society imposes—not talking about those down on their luck or mentally and physically handicapped—-those people will be taken care of. And there will be new forms of energy coming on line such as superconductivity that will curtail the need for oil and other expensive fuels.

The year 2012 has many people excited about earth changes but what they are telling me doesn’t portent anything significant—-certainly there will be many more thousands of humans made aware of the existence of extraterrestrial life—-other than that I’m getting nothing. Planet X also know as Nibiru is fabled to be a planet past Pluto, from where one of the earlier civilizations on earth called the Sumerians had their beginnings. ET’s have many places on moons and planet’s and huge space cities in and around this solar system—-many of them harbored exiled and imprisoned peoples from certain places in the galaxy—-some of these people were eventually relocated on earth—-some are still located in places in this solar system—-chilling if they were able to escape and make it to earth—-but highly unlikely thanks to the huge contingent of good ET’s patrolling earth and the whole solar system.

That life on earth, which remains a prison of sorts, will improve considerably in this century because a new class of humans are going to be put down here—-so this isn’t necessarily great news for the present population but those new humans are going to be the offspring of people living today—-and we tend to want the best for our offspring.

Technology 2/2

There is a reason no one has photos of the inside of ET ships the energy levels are too high and bizarre, the image doesn’t stick or form to any known material, digital cameras are no exception. The most advanced photographic equipment on earth is the human mind yet you see how difficult it is for those who have been abducted to remember their experiences while on ET ships. Some do better than others because there are exceptions to every rule and ET makes the rules.

Hybrids are real, they have human features. They are hybrids because they are a product of human and alien material—–their souls are not hybrid—-the souls occupy a different machine the only difference is that they have a higher awareness than humans once they enter the new machine—-hybrid. Certain souls are captured after they leave the human body—-died and are placed into the hybrid units and sent elsewhere in the galaxy.

Not sure what you saw but ET ships come in every size and shape—–some are ships filled with tourist from other star systems, some are filled with human hybrids. ET ships fly around the clock, they have the ability to hide behind clouds or go invisible.

99.99999……… percent of ET craft go undetected.

Many of the entities that are reported by abductees are simply machines—-ET may be present but they usually stay in the background out of sight—-and communicate telepathically with the person. ET’s often inhabit human type bodies and they can take on any appearance they chose—-even canine—-not the talking kind like in the movie MIB.

They are slowly lifting the curtain—-not for full disclosure but for some awareness—-the more technology they release to us brings us closer to where they are. Once humans make the leap into space in a significant way the question of whether we are alone will be answered for the masses. In the mean time only a few at a time will know. Part of my job is to put a little of that info out there.

Advancements in technology will further the understanding of our existence and purpose—-for instance satellites and cell phone have opened up new forms of communications and understanding between vastly different cultures—-not to mention we can view much more of the universe around us with the new toys.Eventually technology will broaden our physical horizons as we work to build communities in space and on other planet’s in the solar system, which in turn will vastly open up our minds to our place in the universe and our purpose.

I have seen strange crystal type objects but I don’t know if they were part of the propulsion system of the ship. Nevertheless all our technology comes from ET—-and the military gets to play with it first.

Did I create the brain that is behind the power of my fingers that are typing these words? We humans would like to take credit for a machine—–the human brain and body that is capable of putting a man on the moon—-yet we didn’t create the elements that bind the materials of the rockets, cars, toasters, buildings etc. We didn’t create the air we breathe and depend on for life itself. We didn’t create the knowledge we learn in school so that we could become scientist, teachers, janitors, politicians, housewives, etc. We humans have inherited everything? we have created nothing. When you are able to prove that you are the exclusive master of your own destiny let me know and I will give you the credit.

Our souls and the souls further up the ladder control matter—–matter is not important but it is useful as a substance like building blocks, we build things with it—-technology is important while on this planet—-without it we would live like the animals.

Every field is an ET field but the field of nanotechnology is the threshold of a huge leap in technological breakthroughs——that will open up many doors across the spectrum of human knowledge and abilities. Similar in scope to what the introduction of the transistor in 1947 did to revolutionized electronics—–except nanotechnology will be much more. When a step is bypassed as it was with nuclear power progress is slowed down—-before we get to the next big step in energy revolution certain technologies have to be developed to their full potential, that was not allowed to happen with nuclear—–mankind has freewill and collectively we have a say in how quickly our development comes about—-so far we as a people haven’t made any bold moves—-the fear factor prevails—–case in point the space shuttle shuts down for years whenever there is an accident—–those who fear should step out of the way and let those who don’t get things done.

Roswell is the real deal—-ET gave the US watered down versions of two of their ships and a few biological androids to go with them. The ships were filled with many gadgets that were made specifically to be easily back engineered by technologically challenged people such as us. Many of those objects have since evaporated away—-all ET stuff comes with an expiration date, except for the ships—-they remain in use by the military—-for training purposes.

ET releases billions of bits of new information into human society every day—-but they don’t take the credit for it—-therefore few believe they exist—-that’s how they want it. Much of this thread is about ET transmitting technology and other knowledge to scientists, politicians and ordinary people—-either telepathically or in person. They are at the helm as you put it of most human advances.

They have no interest in earth’s resources—-once they get us into space they will show us that resources have no limit—-after we understand how to manipulate substance in the purity of space and zero gravity shortages will be a thing of the past.

We are not the end result of experiments—-our particular type, model, body, is unique and was more suitable for the time period which it occupied and occupies—–once we move into space this model will not do and people will live in different bodies—-scientist like to use the word evolve. But we don’t evolve, its like we use cars to transport people and trucks to transport stuff—-so we build cars for that purpose and trucks for another purpose—-the car does not evolve into a truck—-although that would be nice!

Present technology like fusion, solar, hydrogen, ethanol etc, can take up the slack and replace the need for oil in a few years should it become necessary. Consumers drive what will be available by what we buy and who we vote for—-if everyone began buying electric or hybrid cars then that’s what would be coming off the assembly lines.

Thirty years ago the American public shut down the nuclear industry—-choosing instead to burn and pollute the air with increased use of fossil fuels—-that was a big step backwards in energy development and advancement. Nevertheless, there are always alternatives because we are surrounded by energy all we need is the means to tap into it—-new technology is the key—-and we get the key at the appropriate time—-nanotechnology is the Aladdin’s lamp and will open up many things, which will create personal freedom in the not to distant future.

Composites from nano-carbons and other alloy type materials available now and many more will come on line as nanotechnology improves and will replace plastics as we know them. Plastics and petroleum byproducts are old news, like whale oil they have served their purpose but have no place in the future.

Alien technology is so far ahead of what’s on earth it’s not funny. Humans receive technology as they need it—-only one hundred years ago they only needed whale oil for their lamps. There are millions of planet’s just like earth and they too have the same technology—and computers as we have.

Inside the ship I found no instrumentation as what we would have in a cockpit of an airplane—-there was nothing on the ship that I could determine to be instrumentation—the ship moved by brain waves—-they let me play a little bit with it. Compared to our world their world is total magic.

There is no such thing as human technology.In the United States there are thousands of public schools and most of the schools have the same textbooks—-each school did not create the textbooks they buy them from the publishers. The same technology that earth “receives” other planet’s like earth receive as well. If you were taken off this planet and put down onto a planet that is at the same level as earth you wouldn’t know you ever left earth.

The technology we have now is what is required to sustain a planet with 6.5 billion people more or less—-without the present technology earth would be a grave yard. And they could end hunger and poverty and wars and diseases and make this planet a utopia—but they are not going to—-however they are going to slack up on it and make things better than they are now but we still have a couple of speed bumps to pass over before that happens.

If ET wants it out there it will be put out there, I’m not hogging information for my own consumption—-what would be the point?

An entity like ET can enter into any machine—animal/insect/etc, to interact with humans for a verity of reasons and purposes. ET can also place a soul into any machine—as containment, for example, and that soul may or may not be aware of where it is.

The Soul

Our souls are attached to the bodies we resided in, we are here inside a machine we call a human body—-the pain is real, the joy is real, hate and love are real—-They say you can’t take it with you when you die—-not quite true, everyone leaves earth with plenty of baggage—-all the pain you caused to others and yourself, and all the joy you created for you and others—that all goes with you when you die.

Your soul is priceless and there is a huge amount of energy being expanded on your behalf—as is true for all of us.

Once you are on the other side you have certain options and life choices you can choose from for your next life—-perhaps you might want to be a leader of a country, a general in some army, a school teacher, or a janitor. Depending on what level of consciousness you are—-determines how many things you can pick from—-and the quality of those things. You can also be someone who is selfless, like a mother Theresa—-or return to earth to help a family member or friend.

After you make your choice you will be placed into circumstances that lead you to those positions in life. Anything you chose is not a guarantee of success or happiness—-you have to make those things happen for yourself—–once you are in the shoes of a world leader or super stars like John Belushi, Jimi Hendrix, and Janis Joplin you will learn that those lofty positions are not necessarily easy street—–as you pointed out.

All life forms are sophisticated machines without souls, however a soul is a soul—-and a soul can enter into any machine including pets and insects—–for a variety of purposes including entertainment or punishment—-the machine one enters into determines what that soul can or can’t do—–anything less than a human life can be a very boring and tedious existence for a soul.

Stars and planet’s are being created by the billions as we speak—-a process that has no beginning or ending—-new stars and planet’s replace dying ones—–unlike stars most souls live forever—-some die for a number of reasons including extinguishing themselves—-freewill having got the best of them and they refuse to go on. Who creates souls? A god? A committee of super beings? A soul machine? A mad scientist?—–souls are created in a similar way as we procreate here on earth—-through immense love—-on earth it takes the love of two people to reproduce a human machine—body—-and then a soul is inserted. Creating a soul is accomplished by a number of souls who have reached a high level of unconditional love—-and this soul becomes a part of their community—-or family.

Humans could make the machine through cloning but they never will have the ability to transfer the soul from one body to the next—-without ET. Hypothetically if ET allows humans to successful clone a human a soul of ET’s choosing will be placed into the body—-ET has always used clones for themselves and for humans that work for them to enter into.

Will humans ever create a mechanical replacement for themselves for the purpose of extending their lives—-no, it’s not allowed. Humans are placed into baby bodies so that they have a new slate to work from without the distractions of other lives or experiences. Once you leave this life you don’t need a mechanical or physical contraption to exist.

The soul is advanced beyond what we are allowed to do here on earth. The soul has been to neighboring stars and other galaxies—-unless you are brand new. Humans on this planet will not travel outside this solar system while they are alive or in human bodies. This is not Hollywood, Star Trek type of travel is not in the cards for earth.

Life never ends unless you opt out or are thrown out—-most souls remain in the universe for a long time—-even forever.

The souls on the other side are pure energy and some exhibit more light than others—-some are radiant—-when a Christian comes in contact with a radiant being they see Jesus, when a Buddhist sees a radiant being they see Buddha—a Muslim would see Allah, etc—-even when it’s the same being.

The soul cannot be given away or taken away from anyone—-your soul belongs to you—-you are stuck with it for a long time. The soul is energy not the kind we are familiar with on this planet but energy nonetheless—the only difference is that some souls have more of it than others.

Human souls and the collective energy of the bazillions of other souls in this and other galaxies is the petrol that fuels the universe. However, it may not feel like it while we are stuck here in the 9 to 5 doldrums called life—–but the view gets better the higher up you go.

After the soul reaches a certain level reincarnation is a choice——besides, at higher levels life becomes enjoyable and without stress, and is nothing like we experience here on earth regardless of whether you are in a physical type body or a free spirit.

Past mistakes are irrelevant—-the only thing that counts is what you do with this life—which will determine what you do next. Souls are not for sale—-we can’t even give them away—-we are stuck with our souls for a long time—-through good times and bad—–like marriage. Our deepest desires cannot be fulfilled by others—-they can be facilitated by others but we are willing participants in the outcome. Humans are free to sell themselves short—–that’s the extent of the soul trade.

Souls on earth are mostly attached inside of a human body, us—–spirits are souls that have left the body at death and are roaming around this world for any number of reasons—-they have regrets after they passed away, they are lost and confused, or they have been given an opportunity to visit a place or a person.

The soul is the 4th dimension.

Alien Versus Human 3/3

Most ET’s are souls like us in different uniforms and at a higher level than us—-they are here on numerous assignments—-most are asexual beings that travel between planet’s performing their jobs—-but back on home planet they do not have the nuclear family structure we have on earth—-its more of an extended family that can include thousands of other souls—-some of those family member are on earth and don’t know that they are part of these clans.

ET verses humans at war is impossible because they are a more enlighten version of us—and they really like us—– if that were not the case we all would be worm food—-all six plus billion of us—-and they wouldn’t even suffer one single casualty..

But they are everywhere and in large numbers including America and Europe—–were they remain mostly incognito Can you imagine a display like that over a large American city?—–lots of jets would get scrambled—-many people would be unnerved by it.

Words do no justice to explain it; ET’s are magical beings that radiate immense pleasurable energy—-but with some they radiate the opposite. A few minutes with them and my whole week feels good.

How do you communicate with them? Do you have conversations or do you communicate via telepathy? Both, but I prefer being in their presents to receive communication—-they are too cool. In previous posts I stated that I could not remember what they looked like, that has changed, they have let me see them, they have slight human characteristics, they are small, and they have a thrilling radiance, grayish dark with white speckles.

99.9 percent of the ET phenomenon has no human words to describe it. It’s mind boggling how far removed we are from them.

But then again everything is perspective, if you were able to go back and meet Ben Franklin and you handed him a credit card—-how could you explain plastic to him? Or even the concept of living in a time where plastic cards are used as money—-that you can use over and over again without giving up that mysterious card in exchange for the goods. There is no amount of words that would explain a simple piece of plastic to people a few centuries back much less the rest of the things that make up our lives today. But I can tell you want the good stuff, the drink reserved for VIPs. Well I don’t talk about it much because it’s too crazy and ammo for the skeptics but here is a smidge— where you can go into a room inside the ship and actually meet Ben Franklin—-not time travel, not hologram, but the man himself as he is now, he looks exactly the same except he was wearing a light brown robe—we talked about the weather.

They can and do probe our minds but not with devices, they do it with their minds. Humans can’t hide their thoughts from ET. Humans have similar powers over animals and insects, we can’t read the brains of animals but we know what they are capable of—–our intellect is far superior because animals and insects don’t have intellect, they operate solely on instinct. In comparison to ET’s’ intellectual powers human intellect is reduced to the level of instinct—-they anticipate our action before we act on them. In addition they telepathically hear every thought in our heads—–and they can scan every bit of information in our minds—-they have access to our memories. They have everything we have plus a whole lot more. Most of the ET’s that are here on earth are on the job and doing business, however tourist frequently visit earth incognito.

In reality other humans can’t harm you other than to do physical harm and perhaps some mental anguish while in this life, anything humans do to other humans is temporary and confined to this planet and the physical body. ET on the other hand can effect us long term—-their reach spans other lifetimes and planet’s, and they have access to our very essence, the soul. It’s a good thing they are on our side.

…however, they look somewhat like the grays, small bodies, eyes not as large, darker in complexion with whitish spots—-but their appearance changed depending on where they were. While in my house they had a glow like a black light, while outside their appearance took on a human shade/quality.

I wish I could claim my intellect as my own but I didn’t create the brain that houses it or the software that runs it, I’m simply a messenger for those who hear the message and an annoyance to those that don’t.

Our minds are what trip us up, for instance animals are not aware of beginning and ending they simply exist Once you are removed from the limits put upon us by our so called intellect existence is not all that complicated. The world became complicated after we replaced the gods with humanism during the Renaissance a few centuries back. Go to any culture that we consider inferior and they don’t have a problem with the existence thing. Although most of the gods of antiquity are simply fables they represent more truth than our wizards of modern day science ever will. Today if we can’t figure it out with a formula or calculation then life doesn’t compute.

What we perceive as physical matter is but a vibration—-everything is an energy field vibration, the higher up the more exotic the energy and ET is way up on that scale—-literally. ET moves very rapidly—like a humming bird except that humming birds are frozen in the air compared to the level of vibration ET is at.

For us humans to see them they have to slow themselves down a bunch—-and for communications to take place they have to speed us up by some type of physical contact like putting a can of paint into a shaker—-the can and shaker are on the same level of vibration. Some people like to call them inter-dimensional beings but we are in the same dimension as they are—–like radio bandwidth and light spectrum—-all in the same dimension yet things are very different from one end of the spectrum to the other and everything in between. Sounds bizarre? —-that doesn’t begin to describe contact with them.

ET is not going to fix your problems for you or the Van Gohgs of the world—-they gave him a talent—-and they gave the world the painting he produced. No one grabs you and shoves genius into your head—-you have to go out and work for it—and you might get lucky and they will give you something—-but happiness is elusive—-that is one thing you have to get on your own.

The feelings change over time, I don’t know if they fine tune themselves to us or how it works. In my early years they seemed normal to me and I don’t remember feeling any different around them verses around my family and friends. Once I became a teenager they dealt with me differently and fear came on me when they showed up—even when they were invisible. As an adult their powerful energy effected me and I knew it was coming from them, also if I was asleep when they came my brain lit up like a lightning storm and my eardrums buzzed—-and then they made their appearance as if they came through a vortex and permeated into my room. Now I get a mild buzz whenever they show up—-sometimes nothing—–and they emanate euphoria—-and as I stated in an earlier post that feeling rubs of on me and lasts several days. If only they could bottle up that stuff!

PS: I’m not knocking or judging anyone about drug use but they continue to tell me its not the way to go. Their message isn’t for me, I have no desire for narcotics or any kind of stimulants, and I only take the occasional Advil and one glass of wine with my dinner.

ET’s can access every power imaginable, humans only a few—and not very well. ESP is available to us and many of us use it without knowing it—-our brains broadcast thoughts—-brain waves, like radio stations and some people pick up the waves—-have you ever notice that some people—relatives or close friends seem to be able to read your mind—or you read theirs? Telekinesis is a little tougher for the human brain to master, but it can be done—-especially if you
have an ET shill hiding in the background.

They exist mostly as energy, but they also have bodies they enter into for reasons only they know—and those bodies are more advance than the human body—-they don’t need nourishment as we do, nor do they have the bodily functions—-completely different anatomy.

Those masters of the past that we call enlightened came to earth with their “Lights on”; they did not find enlightenment while here on earth. ET’s move at a higher rate of frequency than humans because of the level of energy they exist at—–their high frequency is not a measure of their enlightenment—-bad souls and poltergeist vibrate at higher frequencies than humans as well.
Fully enlightened don’t frequent places like earth—-not that they are “too good” for earth but they are occupied at high levels—-most of the people on earth live in Third World countries—–do those humans higher up the food chain go live amongst them?—-A few do but they do it for their own spiritual needs.

There are many types of ET but the most frequent are kind of blue-collar, they are not management they do the grunt work. They use ships because they are dealing with physical humans, and the ships are platforms for their base of operations. Also there a many kinds of physical realities, not human but similar—-from other star systems a few notches up from humans that visit earth on tour ships. The ET’s that are in my life are small, humanoid with a bluish hue, sometimes they seem to have spots—-they are not made of the same stuff we humans are made of, they seem to be something in between physical and ethereal—they can move through physical objects yet they can hold onto physical objects.

The brain is like a computer we use as much as we need, people in general use more of it now than they did a hundred years ago, today and in the future we use the computer to resonate with the brain—-to augment the power of the mind—–The compute will not replace the brain only make it more efficient.

ET’s have never stopped tinkering with humans; and Indigo children are not a new phenomenon every generation since the beginning of time had them in their midst. High foreheads and strong psychic abilities are not signatures of star children. Varying degrees of psychic ability exist in all humans and non-sentient animals. We can communicate with anyone in the world with a simple device called a cell phone. Yet the cell phone and its corresponding paraphernalia support systems are no match to the communication device that is standard equipment in every brain. That equipment has always been there the only difference now is that more people are becoming aware of it, and some are learning how to use it.

Sleeper, what is the best way (in your opinion which I hope will be influenced by ET) to improve our ESP skills? I’m serious as a heart attack.

Hi 313. It don’t get anymore serious than that—-ESP works best around others who also have the ability and know that they have it. Like the cell phone if the person you are trying to reach is without one what good is it? That is one reason many people get frustrated with ESP—-they keep getting busy signals. More people have to get on line before ESP can be a viable communications device. Nevertheless, ESP is very simple to use you simply think of the person and the message and keep sending that signal until they receive it. If they are completely off line then they will not receive the message or perhaps they are not associating the message with an external source. However, you must agree that humanity in general is not ready for mass consumption of ESP.

It can easily be subverted and used to damage the minds of unsuspecting persons. Can you imagine boiler rooms of highly advanced psychics filling the airwaves with psychic spam? For now ET is keeping the lid on—-but allowing a few people to play with that power so that it remains a viable probability for a future time. The human brain is a receptor for knowledge—–humans did not create the brain nor do we know how it works—–ET created the brain and they upload the software that we use to make things.

We all need some ego, that’s what motivates us to accomplish things, but like anything you have to control it and not let it control you. Humanity as a whole will never agree on much of anything, and as far as grasping that we know nothing while mortal well does anyone know anything now or ever about life in the big bad universe?—-besides ET and whoever they chose to use as their mouth piece.

Human brains are transmitters therefore every thought is picked up by ET’s. They ignore most requests for obvious reasons; this planet is not a theme park and most of them are here doing certain jobs. ET’s are behind our inspirations, our technology, and everything that makes the world what it is. They have the cure for everything and they can unlock cures for anyone—if those in need ask nicely and then believe it possible—-but that’s the hard part, belief is a powerful tool but most on this planet don’t have it in them to use that mental resource to their advantage. Also, people are placed into certain situations—-pain and suffering are secondary concerns to the broader reality of life experiences. Overpopulation has nothing to do with anything and there is no such thing—-they control how many people are on this planet and they can put a whole lot more down here, which is the plan.

Darwin was wrong—-by design.
There is no such thing as evolution, everything is made—and sometimes improved upon—but that’s illusion. Humans need something to believe and ET’s created illusions throughout history—-everything is staged. We are entering a new era and some of the old illusions/props are outdated and are slowly being deconstructed—-yes there will be new illusions and props so that the vast majority can remain in their protective bubble of reality.

Life & Death

Most people living in the western world are clueless to how bad many people on this planet have it, more than four billion people live way below poverty—-So the rest might count their blessing if they live above the poverty line. Strangely enough more people in the west and well-off communities commit suicide, and sit around waiting for death than those who live on the edge of hell in Third World countries. I paint a nice picture of what’s to come after here to encourage those who believe that life has nothing to offer—-but this life is very important and what you do with it will determine where you end up next—use this life wisely.

When you die you will see friends and family on the other side that are in the in between place—-staging area before you or they go elsewhere—-and you will be fully aware of those you left behind—-as much as you want to be—-until you enter a new life. If you return to earth or another planet like it your memory will be wiped—-but the higher the level you achieve you retain more and more—-regardless of where you go. You never stop be you when you die—-you will be aware of more that what you are aware of now. All your memories will be intact and crystal clear—-unlike they are here on earth. You will know sleeper was right.

Life and death are both illusion. People on this planet are here because they are not perfect. The trip to perfection is a long and treacherous journey—-and not achieve easily in one life—–most people require many lifetimes to get there.

In the staging area you and others will decide what’s best for you—-take it easy in the staging area—-go visit other planet’s in physical or spirit form including this planet—-or move on to other advanced planet’s—–if you are really good you might even get to be a super star. If you commit suicide —–without just cause—– you will be returned back to this planet very quickly and placed into much more difficult circumstances—–no ifs, ands, or buts.

On the other side all your fears and anger are gone with the wind—-while you are there—-and you will be the best of friends—–however many centuries may pass before you cross paths again—-in the staging area of existence. Everyone you come into contact with on earth has a connection to you from the other side. You can’t control what type of person she is nor how she feels about you—-but you can control how you feel about her—-you don’t have to be with her but you should forgive any transgressions or ill feelings you have about her—-even if its her fault—-otherwise you may have to deal with that issue again—–everything has to be resolved in order to move up—–especially anger between two people—–disagreement is OK.

Each time you come back even with a purpose you still have that pesky freewill to deal with—-if you choose to smoke or jump in front of a moving car you will alter the original contract. Remembering has nothing to do with anything—-other than it can give you an advantage—-sometimes you get them but mostly you don’t.

Fear mongers come in many disguises and those who fall for their sugar coated ideology and lies usually end up having to do another term on this planet. If more people realized that life goes on after death and what you do in this life determines what you will do in the next——the world would me a much better place. It takes a strong will to see the truth and only those that are determined will see it.

If the boat has a leak in it we have two choices bail out the water to buy some time or sit back and accept the fact that you are sinking—-you may die in both scenarios but which one do you think will look better on your resume for the next life?

The unfortunate realities as we humans see them is that death is inevitable and will eventually find us——-and take most of us out of this life kicking and screaming. Not all planet’s are as horrible as this one—–but some are much worst. For most death is quick and painless and you find yourself in a tranquil place—–the bad part is for those left behind who have to deal with the loss.

We have freewill and can chose to take it easy should we find ourselves overwhelmed by the crap life throws at us—-but somewhere along the line you have to make up for it. If you were in military basic training—-as an example—-and you fell behind because you couldn’t handle the stress and constant abuse—-you would have to go back and start over at some point and try again—-or get kicked out of this existence but we do have to achieve a minimum of what we came down here to achieve—-during this life or the next.
I can’t speak for your life specifically and if you are content with who you are then perhaps you are on track—–pain is not a requirement to move ahead in this life or any lives—-nevertheless, for some that is the only way.

We humans have that turned around a bit—–we don’t give life a shot—-life is the vehicle that gives us a shot——we prove to ourselves what we are made of when we are not defeated by the crap, and futility of existence—–in other words can we take what life dishes out—-even if it’s mind numbing boredom?

Still, there are categories in life, we are on earth for a number of reason but the three main ones are:

1.Punishment for past life discrepancies and crimes.

  1. To learn and experience something new and endure a certain amount of problems.
  2. To enjoy this life—-a gift from the gods kind of deal—–for extraordinary achievements in other lives.

Most people are not aware that they are in a category and that’s why life seems unfair and unjust——to the general population.

There is no real death; we wake up after this life into another life. They do not die, they are not as connected to their bodies as we are—-in other words if we were like them we could jump from one body to the next as easily as changing clothes.

No one comes into this world by accident—they are sent here or they came by their own choice. This planet is literally Heaven and Hell, paradise for some hell for others—-and the rest of us are somewhere in-between. Everything that happens on this planet good and bad is noted, those that do wrong may escape punishment while on earth but once they leave earth they will pay for every misdeed.

Nevertheless, memory of past lives, accomplishments and failures are retained in a cosmic safe deposit box that you can access between lives—-everything we do counts.

So why do we exist?
Filler, there is lots of empty space out there that needs filling. What space we end up filling depends what we are made of, so. Most on this planet are here to prove themselves to themselves and others. If I told you that you were a hateful person, a greedy person, a good person a loving person you might believe the good things I say about you but not necessarily the bad. All our actions are recorded and when we leave earth we get to see what kind of person we really are—–we can’t deny anything because everything we do or think will be in front of us like a movie.

Our deceitfulness, charitable acts, compassion’s, hatefulness, greed, envy, heroic acts, cowardliness, etc will be indisputable and part of our galactic resume. Ultimately, our acts will determine our place in the universe.

Regret of opportunities lost is the end result for those clothed in the muck of arrogance and stupidity—-few escape the allure of those two great transgressions because down deep inside we all crave to be bad—-that’s why we are here—-didactic me my unintentional nature. On the other side of the curtain we find purity and truth, pain and anguish gone and our consciousness fully intact—-we are on vacation for a time, then we contemplate our next curtain call—-are we ready?—-the curtains are many and can be no less confusing than a house of mirrors for those who indulged to much wine of folly and pride while on earth.

On the other side of the curtain the vast majority of souls—people if you will, live like kings. Most are richer than Midas, would make Bill Gates look like a pauper in comparison. Here on earth the vast majority live no better than animals. The main difference is that those on the other side know that resources of the mind are limitless, here many believe that they came from slim and others believe they must live impoverished lives to appease the gods—-rubbish.

Each of us have the power of superman and each one of us is as wealthy as our brethren on the other side—-filthy rich with unlimited resources. No one can make a flower bloom, the flower must bloom on its own—-no one on this planet can hold anyone down—the power to shine or not too shine is within each of us.

Each soul came into this world alone and each soul will have to find its way out of the muck on its own—-some people appear to have advantages and that’s because they do—they came in at a higher level. Utopia already exists on billions of worlds in this galaxy, earth is not utopia, earth is a proving ground for those who want to get to utopia—-however everyone is capable of improving their own lives considerably while here on earth if they pick up on the clues all around them. When we begin to use our minds and not abuse them we become aware of the bigger picture—-there is no need or lack, those are illusions to keep people in their place—wallowing in self-pity and despair.We can break free of those chains or remain in them with the rest of the congregation.

Extremely important if you don’t want to come back—-important to you mostly—-once you are on the other side you empathize with those that are struggling on places like earth but you are not affected by what they have to go through because you will understand it’s necessary like giving a child a shot.

There are humans on other planet’s in this solar system which are working with ET’s and there are humans being held captive—-imprisoned—-these are not people you would want to be around.

ET’s are everywhere in this solar system, you’d think they owned the place—-planet’s like earth are places low on the totem pole and have few if any privileges —- galaxies are kind of like societies with schools—-elementary, middle school, high school and college—-the higher up the more freedoms and privileges one has. Many humans when they leave earth—-die, will go directly to a utopia planet and retain most of their memories of the life they had here—or they can choose to block it out.

Those who are here strictly for punishment are blocked from leaving and will depending on why they are here have to do several tours before they can get out. Many are in their last stages of their reincarnation cycles and many are here for learning purposes and will leave this earth once they achieved their goal, and some are on vacation.

Religions, Meditation & Spirituality

People meditate in order to discover a higher awareness in themselves. Millions throughout the ages prayed to their gods for guidance—-and favors. Meditation and prayer is simply telepathic communications with higher beings. People fixate on an object or idea and focus energy to it—–sometimes with supernatural results. Success usually comes to those most determined to get what they desire.

The fact is there are higher beings among us—-they have always been around—-in various forms—–spiritual, corporal, and something in-between. If you ask “nicely” they might give you what you want——after all, they have access to most of the secrets of the universe.They don’t care what religion you are, or if you have no beliefs whatsoever.

Meditation is mental communication with a higher power as is prayer. Unless you believe that the subconscious is just another part of the human brain and dies with the body—–at death—-it doesn’t. The subconscious is a communications center with higher powers outside of the human body.

That part of the mind is where we receive much of our “intuition” and other pertinent information that we call creativity, —–and it’s the place where we experience the thing known as “eureka”, after pondering over a problem and getting an answer.

Prayer uses these same facilities. What is telepathy? Taking with other people or invisible entities non-verbally. When people pray they usually do so in silent meditation. If they pray out loud their thoughts are still aimed at certain deities, or objects. All our verbal and non-verbal communications are monitored by the gods—-I prefer to call them ET’s.

Spirituality is a funny thing, no one knows exactly what it is. Although every living thing has a form of it including the ET’s—–unless they are biological machines created as probes, or as a workforce around the galaxy. All living things exist at some level of awareness, presumably the higher the level of awareness the higher the spirituality. However, spirituality is use as a measure of higher virtue by those who claim to have lots of it.

Here on earth many competing rivals have claimed exclusivity to true “spirituality” and all those others (those with contrary beliefs) are imposters, heathens, and spawns of Satan. Mormons, Catholics, all five thousand denominations of Protestants, Jews, Muslims, Buddhist, Anarchist, Communist, Socialist, Democrats, Republicans and the thousands of others that I haven’t mentioned. All these peoples and organizations claim to be more virtuous, more enlightened and therefore, more spiritual, than their competitors. In that respect spiritually is nothing more than an ego trip.

We have a soul and so do ET’s—–unless they are pure machine—–and there are lots of machines out there involved in abductions as part of the ET workforce.

Humans did not create religion ET’s did—–religion has many purposes—–it lets people know there is something bigger than them and this earthly existence. It helps focus groups of people—-creating community and purpose. Those who practice religion tend to be proactive with those who share their beliefs. Religion tends to make people more generous and “sometimes” more tolerant of others. They are less likely to engage in criminal activity; instead they tend to be a positive influence in their community.

The power of religion has also been abused because a large army of like minded followers can quickly be activated—–most wars are of a religious nature. There is a higher power but contrary to the beliefs of every religious organization it is not exclusive to any of them.

ET’s created religion as temporary godheads to give direction and meaning to uncivilized man—–worship and discipline were and are necessary evils for some people. However—-the real Supreme Being or Beings don’t require worship of any kind—-worship and prayers are strictly for the devotees’ benefit—–when it makes them feel good. The higher powers hear everyone’s cries, requests, desires—-and always act on them—-sometimes not in a way that the requester anticipated—-that’s why they say be careful what you ask for.

The physical realm is an illusion and is only an extension of the spiritual realm. Everything is spiritual or plain energy. Considering that the universe is without beginning and will never end—-and that souls have the same inextinguishable qualities reincarnation is a vehicle for many kinds of adventures—learning, vacation, growth, punishment, reward and a gamut of other motives. Also, do you have any idea what type of religion the ET’s ascribe to? Or what their philosophy of life and the universe is?

Religion has its purposes on earth—-community—-extended family—-and many other things but not for war as many speculate. Religion as humans know it doesn’t exist at higher levels, the level where ET resides. Philosophy is for those who can only guess about life and the universe—-ET knows everything.

All religions and beliefs are fables created by ET as a component of life on earth and millions of other planet’s like earth. Have you read the book of JOB? In that book Satan is one of god’s servants—-works for the big guy. Good and evil are illusions and nothing more than programs running on this computer we call earth. However, there are rewards and consequences on our actions based on that program—-murder, rape and a host of other criminal activity will not get you brownie points on the other side.
Your next tour of duty is determined by your actions on this place—-more and better opportunities or fewer and crappy ones.

Many people believe that if they are good and believe in certain things that they will be rewarded for all eternity with playing the harp on a soft cloud for ever and ever—-others that they will be given a bunch of virgins to play with—-their own personal cat house—-and still others are hoping that they will not have to come back as insects. Then there are those that believe this life is it—you die and become worm food. None of that stuff is true but most will not be allowed to know it until they die—and get their evaluation.

There is no eternal hell like in the bible but there are some places and conditions even on earth that feel like hell is forever. The vast majority of those on this planet are not going to any place like hell once they leave this hell—-most are moving to a better place.

Jesus was not an ET, nor a man; he is a fable, a well crafted fable by ET. You will be one of the judges on the panel—-the harshest judges on the panel—-and a throw the book at you kind of judge—-once you cross over your flaws will glow like hot coals—-and it is your responsibility to correct those flaws—-no one else can do it for you.

There is no old bearded man running the whole show, or a mother earth—and there is no hell—-but some of us will have to put ourselves into hellish predicaments to remove our flaws—if we don’t do it voluntarily it will be forced up on us—-

The idea of prayer came from ET. Essentially prayer is a form of communication with them. Our thoughts have frequencies like radio transmissions but the frequencies are to high to be picked up by human equipment—-ET picks them up instantly. Six billion plus brains on earth—and all have their own unique frequency—like finger prints. ET’s do get on line and chat—-most humans don’t know about ET and that they can communicate directly with ET so ET uses the conventional means of communication—incognito—prayer no matter which god it’s directed to goes to ET—-sometimes ET responses to those requests.

Concerning people who pray, many believe that being in a church or on their knees or spinning a prayer wheel will enhance communication with their deities. Incantations, rituals and chanting not only annoys humans it annoys ET—-strait talk is all that is required—-they hear your thoughts while you drive to work, go shopping, taking a bath, while you are having dinner, etc. Humans have zero privacy.

Angels and demons are often the same ET, but they can be separate—-it all pays the same. It’s not the institution of Christianity or the other religions and beliefs that are good or bad, it’s the people that are put into positions and are given the opportunity to be good or bad. Everyone is tested on this planet—-to prove to themselves what they are truly made of .

I don’t intend to mess with people’s beliefs, that’s not my job. But I think I am free to express my opinions and share with those who might be interested—-some of my experiences. You say you believe in Jesus and extraterrestrials, that in itself is a quandary.The fact that there are billions of solar systems and billions of galaxies is common knowledge today. Many people are slowly coming around to thinking that perhaps we are not alone—-even you said you believe that. The problem is if there are millions or billions of planet’s similar to earth with say humans like us on them, then do all of them need to be saved, is there millions of Jesus’ out there or only one? That’s a pretty big job for one Jesus. Jesus also tried to back away from being crucified—he ask his father God to “take this cup from me, if it is your (god’s) will” If Jesus would have backed out what would have happened to salvation?

The fact is the god that many people idolize would not forsake four or five billion non believers on this planet alone—-condemning them to hell for eternity—-what father would be so cruel to the children he loves—-the most I have done with my children was give them a bad look—-and then I felt bad about it. Eternal damnation—-absurd. Even the worst kind of human has a valuable soul—-some will take a lot of work to get the kinks out but most of the time it can be done—-and is done For those that need fire and brimstone to get through the day—-sorry—isn’t going to happen.

Hardships are not the cause of suicide if it were there would be no people in Third Word Countries—-where BTW suicide is low compared to the rest of the world. Many people commit suicide to get back at a parent or lover—-they do it out of anger and revenge—-and it works—-suicide is devastating for those left to pick up the pieces. Many people have thoughts of suicide but the vast majority doesn’t carry it out—–there is no suicide loop. All suicide is not wrong—-terminally ill, and other circumstances like honor—- Samurai warriors and others defeated in battle—-the reason behind it makes a difference.

There are higher powers many strata of them—–a chain of command of sorts—-if you are religious than you may see it as such—–but after you are there long enough to acclimate you will see things much differently than you do now. There is absolutely nothing wrong with religious beliefs—-or most beliefs—–ET created all structures and institutions. I was a Catholic, and when I married I changed my religion to one of the protestant ones—-the one my wife and children belong to—–I even thought my children to be good Christians—-yet I do not adhere to any religion or secular beliefs.

The stories in the OT are metaphors created by ET and given to the tribes of Israel—-the Jews did live in Egypt and ruled it for nearly two centuries—15th and 18th dynasties they were known as the Hyksos—-they were dethroned and chased out of Egypt and wondered in the desert some fleeing to Palestine where they regrouped—-they were given a mandate and a history.

The NT was created after the Romans destroyed Jerusalem and a faction of the few remaining Jews known as the Essenes who escaped banded together and were give a new mandate and a new religion—-one that would encompass non-Jews—because there were few Jews left—-the new religion was called Christianity for a man that was named Jesus. However Jesus was not an ET nor was he the Jesus in the scripture—-the scripture is 100% allegory.

Have you read the book of Job? That book in a nutshell tells the story that Satan does Gods’ bidding—-for those who believe in God and the devil. What I’m saying is that good and evil are tools used to forge or repair our souls on planet’s like earth.

For those who need God and the Beast—-the biblical version, I tell them to read their own bible—-specifically the book of Job—-that book explains very well the divisions of labor concerning God and Satan. Because I refer people to that book doesn’t mean I advocate Christianity—–nor do I disparage it or some other religions—-ET created them all so believing in them is fine for those who need to.

Enoch was one of the original space cowboys that made frequent visits to earth. Enoch represents an early colony of extraterrestrials on this planet as do all the patriarchs of that period—–he is associated with the Sumerians and Mesopotamian s—-Enoch and his people established science and culture appropriate for that time and once their work was done they left earth—-they set the stage—-others would do the follow up.

People who believe in god don’t believe what I am saying because my experiences contradicts many religious beliefs. They should believe me because it’s true—-many people believe me because they know it’s true—-I’m only one in thousands if not millions who have experience this phenomena—–I am able to affirm that this phenomena is true for those that know it’s true—–and that’s who I write for—–those as yourself that have not experienced it have to take it on faith—-or not at all.

We look up at the stars and we see that they have a beginning and an ending, stars form and stars die, yet the material that makes up the stars remains and becomes the source for new stars. The essence of everything has no beginning or ending—–souls are of a material far more exotic than matter. Matter radiates from the stuff of souls and is indestructible—–meaning it has no beginning or ending.

Anti-matter is a figment of the imaginations of a few people trying desperately to understand an existence by chance—–in other words a world without god. Planet earth is billions of years old and technically would go on forever if the sun didn’t have an expiration date. How many of us can grasp a billion years, let alone forever?

Mary is a metaphor for the non-Jewish nations, primarily Christianity. Christianity—Mary, was impregnated with the god of the Jews—-and gave birth to a new religion—-Christianity. It was a virgin birth because the Jewish nation did not consummate it. Metaphor—-Jesus walking on water is an act of faith—–those who believe can walk on water—-when Peter’s faith waned and he began to walk to Jesus from the boat he sank—-until Jesus took him by the hand and raised him up. The story of Jesus walking on water is also a reference to the OT story about Jonah.

Religion is for human consumption. ET doesn’t need a security blanket and the promise of rewards such as harps and virgins, but they understand that humans are motivated by such things. ET is behind the conception of religion knowing the illusions created by religious tales helps many people get through this life. ET doesn’t adhere to religious beliefs; they are in possession of everything they desire. ET resides at a much higher vibration and awareness and they lack in nothing.

The earthly gods of biblical and secular fame that came down in ships or appeared to people in the past are not gods, only advanced souls. Our souls know that we are not alone and when we are in fear we cry out for this unknown power to help us — and they do hear because no one is never alone in this world. The reason you hate to admit to believing in God or a higher being is because it makes us feel foolish and weak– and no one likes those feelings.

Enlightenment is not achieved through meditation of any kind; enlightenment is earned and forged in the furnaces of life such as we have on earth. Many who spent their whole lives in meditation hoping to escape reincarnation are back on good old planet earth—-and are now working for a living. The road to enlightenment is filled with blood, sweat, and tears—-those who attain it have callused souls to prove their worth.

There are innumerable realms of existence and the bible only touched on a few basic ones—those easily understood by the human mind.

The battle over good and evil continues here on earth and each of us have to decided which side we will be on while on this planet—for those keeping score those choosing evil remain in the majority—they have always been in the majority because evil is more alluring than boring goody-two-shoes. What many of us forget is that evil has no power over us unless we allow ourselves to be seduced by it—-and it goes by several names but the two main ones are envy and hate.

Lots of religions and other ideas started out that way because it was the same entities—ET’s—that brought—-bring that information to this planet. Humans are being prepped for bigger things now like building cities in space and other planet’s—-still many decades away but they plant the seeds early. Only one hundred years ago everything that we call common today was pure magic and crazy talk back then What I talk about today is pure magic and crazy talk—-but it will not be in a few decades.


There are many entities in the abduction business, including some governments. Reasons for abductions are as varied as those doing the abducting. Certain experiments can’t be done openly in a free society—–there is lots of paper work, red tape, and bureaucracy. People could get sued, and it just doesn’t look good all around. Most of these experiments are done with alien equipment by humans, and if the humans botch something the aliens fix it. Compared to human hospitals abductees are in excellent hands.

Most abductees remember nothing of the experiment, and in most cases are better off after the visit, for instance, no more cancer in the person. Some aliens care little about terrifying their subjects because they know they will wipe away all memory of the experience. Its like dealing with government personnel, they treat people like cattle because they can, unfortunately they don’t erase the experience from our memories.

Abductions are negative because there is no control of the situation, and panic can set in, followed by the survival instinct of kicking, screaming, yelling, biting and punching—–to no avail, they simply carry you away. Sometimes they encase you in a rubbery substance (the movie “Fire in the Sky” is dead on). This substance instantly immobilizes you, yet you remain conscience, you can’t see anything because of the cocoon you are in. Every experience and encounter is unique, some pleasant others you don’t want to go there but once. What separates the good from the bad encounters is the level of autonomy they allow you.

Abductees remember what they are allowed to remember, nothing more, nothing less. The fact is there are numerous people that remember more than they are willing to talk about. They know about ET’s very well and don’t need additional information to validate their experiences. In other words they are not going to be searching internet sights for UFO information, or reading UFO books.

Many of these people are professionals in respectable leadership positions and will never divulge what they know—–they don’t have to——if they did they would compromise their standing in the community. They are the same people that would call you crazy if you mentioned anything about ET’s and UFOs around them. They shield themselves well.

The people who are searching for the “truth” about aliens are those with bits and pieces of memories of their encounters, and are trying to make sense of what happened to them, or is happening to them—–some believe they are losing their minds, and need to know if ET’s are real.

ET’s in addition to whatever else they do with these people, intentionally leave broken memories in them as part of their (ET’s) program to slowly condition mankind to extraterrestrial reality. Thousands of these people with their cumulative UFO stories (not enough information to fill in the puzzle) make up the catalyst that fuels the UFO phenomena. Because of them there are millions of people aware that something is going on—–even though these millions of people have never seen or experienced UFOs and ET’s themselves. Real extraterrestrials don’t make mistakes, only those produced in Hollywood do.

The Wright brothers remember how to build and tweak their flying machine they don’t remember their visit with ET—-the source of the information for the flying machine.

There are abductees that have problems integrating what they have received during an abduction, perhaps they were told to change certain destructive behaviors and they refuse to do so—-and then they are unsure of what is causing their inner conflict—-Under those conditions ET may let them remember parts of their abduction—-to let them know—–and others, those that eventually will hear their story, that humans are not alone in the universe—-for ET it’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

Most of the abductions people hear about are from those people—-the ones that remember the nightmares, the probes, the scary aliens and their ships. The abductions no one hears about are those from people that are pillars of the community, scientist with breakthroughs in their fields of research, etc, ET abductions serve primarily to inject new ideas and technology into the world and to help individuals who are seeking assistance with certain personal problems.

In reality the dead are more aware than we are so in essence we are dead and they are alive.They can hear and see us—-anytime you think of someone that you knew that passed over—-died—–they can hear you—–if they are in the in-between area—–some souls stay there for a long time. They can’t interfere with our lives too much but depending on how determined you are for some help or answers they can enter your dreams and in some situations be the instigators of your abduction—-it’s the only way to physically touch someone on the other side. If someone from the other side meets you that way and tries to slap some sense into you your conscious mind will be terrified but your unconscious self will get the message.

The ball is in your court when it comes to being afraid—-it’s kind of like dealing with a bully—-you have to muster the courage for the confrontation. ET is not a bully but they are intimidating—–yet they are harmless—–and not a danger to you personally. A lot of information from them is given on a need to know basis—-and only they know what each of us need to know.

Near death is just that—-it’s not death so the information imparted is limited. But many that have experienced it know without a doubt that there is life after death—-that life continues. However, they don’t know where their next assignment is going to be or how long they can or will remain in that in-between place. Most NDE are similar to abductions—-they are not accidents—-people are pulled in for a short review, warning, or congratulations—–unlike abductions NDEs tend to be pleasant, neutral, or horrible with much of the memory left intact.


Well we have six billion people on earth—–by some estimates about two billion are Muslim, one billion Christians, and maybe another billion Buddhist that leaves two billion for everything else. More than three billion humans believe one god created everything. What came first the chicken or the egg—–Darwinist believe the egg came first, Creationist believe it was the chicken. Scientists believe the universe is about fourteen billion years old and came into existence in a split second—-the Big Bang—–not much different then what the creationist believe.

But the universe could easily be ten times older than that and much more—–who’s counting? If it is then it throws the big bang theory out the door. It’s possible that the universe is not only infinite—-but that it has always existed—–constantly remaking itself at the centers of galaxies and exploding stars.

So in essence intelligent life could have existed for trillions upon trillions of earth years—-which signifies absolutely nothing in the scheme of things. So that leaves only one conclusion of who the top dog is—-it’s Hillary Clinton. There are ET’s that will back me up on that.

There are many planet’s exactly like earth, so much so that if ET plucked you from this one and placed you into one of the others you wouldn’t’ know until you tried to find your house and make contact with your family and friends—they wouldn’t be there.

How is it possible for there to be other planet’s just like earth? Well if Darwin is correct then it’s impossible.Darwin did his job very well, so well that millions will go to the grave believing in Darwinism—and get the shock of their lives when they see him on the other side—perhaps playing Darwinism on some other planet.

The great thing about dying is that it only last a few seconds and then you are alive again somewhere else. The place you wake up in will be a temporary place—-a fantastic city that you will never want to leave. You will be in spirit form and in complete ecstasy—-you may be there for a short time or hundreds of earth years (time as we know it is non existent there) From there you will be sent to any number of planet’s, or back to this one.

New planet’s and stars are created every second in every galaxy. But there is no tossing the dice as Einstein once said off god. ET doesn’t toss the dice either. planet’s are created for human habitation.

There are planet’s at every stage of so called evolution—-many people will remain with a planet from beginning to end—-start out as a member of a primitive tribe and end up cruising around the solar system. This story would make a nice fairy-tale if it weren’t true. BTW suicide for no good reason is unacceptable—and those who do it will be returned and presented with additional challenges—-more difficult than what they ran away from.

Like I said it’s a big universe trillions of times bigger then what is speculated—it will not keep expanding and then like a slinky fall bank to square one and start all over again—-the only big bang happens on the fourth of July—-it never gave birth to the cosmos. Because the universe is so big and the possibilities endless—it’s really not a far stretch to believe that you will only live you life once—–but that’s not to say you can’t relive your life an infinite amount of times—-you can. Go to any beach in the world and pick up a grain of sand—-throw it into the ocean—–what are the chances that you will ever pick up that same grain of sand?

Most souls have better things to do than wait for a grain of sand to come back to their hand, or live the same life over and over again. That’s why memory is wiped clean when entering into planet’s like earth—-so that you can concentrate on this life—–as if it were your first time. Much of existence is that way—-you don’t know that it’s forever—-and you can’t know until you die. Unless ET showed you. BTW, human based reasoning, mathematics and physics do not apply on the other side—On earth the existence of a soul is contradictory to all scientific absolutes and theories—-it does not compute.

The radiation is from massive stars and galaxies being recycled which gives off enormous amounts of radiation across the spectrum—-this radiation comes from what scientist believe to be the edge of the universe because that is the furthest their instruments can pick up these exotic particles, which is about thirteen billion light years away—-they think.

The nearest star to earth is only four light years away—-no human will ever visit that star while alive or in a human body—-way to far—-can you grasp the size of the universe?—-the best human minds can’t—–the universe is thousands of times larger and more complex than any human mind can imagine—–the possibilities are endless—–the ability to comprehend those possibilities while residing in a human brain are finite. The whole idea of random is nothing but a human toy—-something to play with while in this playpen called earth. The only reason I can give this information is because most people will not believe it—–most people shouldn’t believe it—-distracts them from the life they need to focus on here on earth.

I’m telling it because I was told to tell it—-regardless of whether people believe or not information is being put out there—-people talked about flight way before it became a reality. I take my orders from ET—-they decide if and when.

There are many planet’s with intelligent life but not all of them have the freedom to leave their solar system. Those that can leave are able to visit other planet’s like earth on tourist visas but they can’t interact with humans. Then there are renegades that get through the cracks—-gypsies, etc that seem to escape or fly under the radar of the authorities.

The ones that feed us information don’t come with name tags—-they operate behind the smokescreen of all those other aliens reported by abductees.There are billions of species and thousands that visit earth every day—–most come here for the heck of it—-others to visit the place they use to live on in previous lives. There are many that seed information to this planet—-I don’t know them personally.

There was no big bang, the universe is not expanding nor will it contract and fall into itself—-it will never end. This universe is so large that the edge will not be found by human instruments, ever. And because time and space are illusions so is Genesis. Energy did not come into being—–it has always existed and it will never cease existing. Energy existed forever—–we are energy—–energy can changed into many things but we have always existed in one form of energy or other—-there is no genesis in the literal term unless you are speaking about every time we are born anew on this planet or another.

Seeing the solar system up close is more than most people can handle—-going beyond the solar system is not going to happen—–but you could say that’s only my opinion. Are you serious? Viewing Saturn from one of its moons, or Jupiter—–Some people would have a heart attack, some would faint, others would get on their knees and worship it.—-You have to see it to believe it.

Because the human body can’t take the trip—-the soul or essence would have to be taken out of the body and placed into a container—-in some cases only taken out of the body and they float around the ship as a spirit. Still, most humans are not leaving the solar system until they die.

We look up at the stars and we see that they have a beginning and an ending, stars form and stars die, yet the material that makes up the stars remains and becomes the source for new stars. The essence of everything has no beginning or ending—–souls are of a material far more exotic than matter. Matter radiates from the stuff of souls and is indestructible—–meaning it has no beginning or ending.

Anti-matter is a figment of the imaginations of a few people trying desperately to understand an existence by chance—–in other words a world without god. Planet earth is billions of years old and technically would go on forever if the sun didn’t have an expiration date How many of us can grasp a billion years, let alone forever?

They showed me other planet’s but never told me what they were called.The cities I have seen looked nothing like the cities on earth, they were from our point of view highly futuristic—-no vegetation, no huge bubbles with artificial weather—they were sleek and a uniform covering that wrapped around the whole planet. There were many moons and they too had this covering. While in this city they showed me what much of the galaxy and the universe consist of. planet’s like earth are many and they are at every stage of artificial evolution. Everything imaginable exist in our galaxy from the depths of horror to the peaks of ecstasy, not only is all the world a stage but so is the whole of existence.

There are billions of planet’s like earth filled with people like us humans—-and at every stage of existence—-cowboys and Indians, Romans, Egyptians, Greeks, Normans. If you were like ET and had a ship you could fly to any number of planet’s and visit any era that has happened on earth—-not time travel—-they exist in those periods today—-will they progress exactly as they have on earth—some will some will not. Also there are infinite types of life forms out there—-mind boggling numbers and verities.

The planet’s like earth populated with humans at this level of understanding are just as clueless as people of this world—-but there are many civilization far more aware of the universe and they know about life on other planet’s—-and they travel to other planet’s—there are many tour ships that visit earth—-we call them swap gas, blimps, or the planet Venus.

Without the moon life on earth would be a calmer place, too calm for the indigenous life forms that are on it now. The moon is not hollow and it did not break off earth and distill into what it is today—-the moon was no accident or freak chance it was deliberately put there as a counter balance to the earths rotation and to stir the oceans—-not to mention something to fill the night sky and to look up at and marvel at the sight.

The moon is also a huge repository of minerals and metals that will be used to build cities in space, and there might be some government cheese up there—-well maybe not. True, they have been using the moon for a number of things, less than one hundred years ago they had activity on the side facing the earth but with the onset of powerful telescopes they had to minimize and camouflage their actions—they also have been cleaning up much of the infrastructure and returning the landscape back to the way it was in preparation of human exploration.

Earth Today

Humans have yet to hatch out of this planet yet we believe that we can pick up advanced extraterrestrial communications. Humans are a few hundred years from that kind of ability. SETI is the pioneer, but they hardly have any devices to detect exotic ET stuff. There are thousands of alien ships buzzing all over the place right here on earth and our technology can’t detect them, yet we point our equipment at places light years away and we expect what? It wasn’t that long ago that we communicated with smoke signals, and cuneiform tablets. The electromagnetic spectrum is a nice communications vehicle for us today, but it’s not what the big boys in galaxies faraway play with.

We are not contained on this planet by ET’s we are contained on this planet by politicians who keep us grounded for personal agendas. They would rather spend tax money on other things. NASA is so fearful that they ground their fleet for years every time a shuttle has a mishap. The space program belongs to those who are not frightened so easily. The government has the money but they don’t have the will to put people into space. The chains of containment will not be broken until private enterprise gets into the game.

ET’s have been infusing technological information into the hands and minds of people for a long time—–they teach us how to build and ride a bike but they will not do it for us. The only thing that is keeping humanity from taking that next big step into the cosmos is the lack of backbone from the bureaucratic public sector. ET’s are not concerned about the speed of human development, nor are they fearful that we will bring our belligerence into the galaxy and contaminate the waters of blissful peace loving advanced cultures.

Our nuclear technology—-given to us by the ET’s, is like a small firecracker in the realm of alien weapons. Our belligerence and war mongering is nothing but child play, rough-housing on the playground. There are no ET’s concerned about us causing mischief. We are centuries away from populating our two closes rocks, the moon and Mars. Thousands of years away from being able to leave our solar system—–which will not happen until ET’s give us the know-how to traverse light years in days. By then humanity will understand their place in the galaxy a little better, and know we are only a small fish in a big ocean.

There is no evidence of ET’s. We don’t see the magic at work behind every day phenomenon like simple things as plants. Flowers sprout from nowhere, leaves turn energy from the sun into apples oranges and grapes—-popping them out from wood—-the process is slow—–nevertheless, it happens without our understanding it. ET’s deliver incrementally—–they don’t drive up in a stealth bomber and hand us the keys, they put ideas in many peoples heads spread over many years.

This galaxy as well as most of them are very complex—–but not chaotic. There is structure and accountability—–unfortunately there are outlaws too. Earth is an incubator—–and like any nursery there are lots of incubators—-millions of them just like this place. Good help is hard to find—–therefore there are good caretakers, and bad caretakers.

I’m inclined to believe that what we see as good and bad is not necessarily so—–when looking at the big picture. The reason I believe this is because I have learned more through adverse situations than desirable ones. Few of us will chose to go through hardship——-so all of us are thrown into it at sometime or other—–some would call it chance or bad luck.

This world didn’t need to take a giant leap forward until it reached a critical mass of population—–and it could not feed, and house the numbers of people coming in without a major shift in technology. That point in time was the turn of the century. Humanity is precisely where it should be, technologically speaking. That was true one hundred years ago, one thousand years ago, etc.

The world will never be a perfect place—–in the minds of everyone—–your idea of utopia, right and wrong, true happiness——is not shared by the six billion and growing other fellow earthlings——with their unique perspective of those same ideals. I live in a prosperous country—–amongst people who have good and great living conditions—–yet if you talk to them some are not happy, they are concerned about the future, the economy, their children, gridlock in the large cities, the politicians, getting sick, getting old, etc. In general humans tend to be pessimistic about life—-regardless of their economic condition, there are plenty of optimists—–but they are the exception. Therefore there never will be a Promised Land that will suit everyone here on earth.

ET took mankind—–kicking and screaming through the Industrial Revolution, they will take mankind into space—–regardless of the unfinished problems many perceive we still have on earth. Not to say that we as individuals, communities and nations shouldn’t do everything we possibly can to help our fellow man—–after all, that is the fine line that separates man from beast.
However, many of the answers to the problems on earth will only be found in space—–in zero gravity, and super clean labs—–from which will emerge new advances in medicine, electronics, and agriculture—–all there for the picking.

Once upon a time there was a blue planet “third rock from the sun” and all of its people believed they were at the center of the universe, and why not the sun (star) circled their fair planet once every day, surely that meant that the gods favored them out of all the other star systems. Now one would think that was a fairy-tale yet it was what the average person believed for eons. Now days we know that the sun is stationary yet we still believe we are at the center of the universe—-millions still believe that the gods have favored us above the rest of the billion times billions of star systems out there, left them all empty and void except for ours. What sounds like a fairytale is in fact a true story—-most people really believe that. Oh there are many that are willing to believe that there is a possibility that some of those planet’s have microbes and other inferior life forms but drawing the line at intelligent life like us or superior.

Since ET has always been here they have no need of ambassadors. People are frustrated because many suspect that something is going on and their governments are not addressing the ET issue. Obviously the UN which sees itself as the world representative would throw their hat in the ring, and Canada needing to show the world that it is a progressive country would do so. But the leaders are only placating certain citizens and doing some grandstanding in the process—I doubt that they are serious—or that they are that naïve to think that ET hasn’t landed because they are confused on who to approach.

This planet is not behind it is exactly where is should be—-all the problems in this world are here to be resolved—-most will do good to resolve their own problems—-if that’s all they are up to doing then that is fine. There are places, planet’s, existences, where people similar to humans know without doubt the things you ask—–some of those people—-entities are on this planet. All humans have the capacity to know inside their soul, the first step to unlocking that information is believing it’s possible. The only danger is that if you become too enlightened while on earth you also can become on outcast because you still have to live around people that are not—-and people are uncomfortable around people that are different. Your true life is here also—-what you do on this plane of existence is part of what you are—-knowing the real truth is not essential but it helps.

Any extraterrestrial coming into our solar system knows the color of our planet’s, as far as a planet X on the frigid fringes of this solar system I have no information about it. The Sumerians, were not the first or the last to have Extraterrestrials in their midst. Many ancient people as well as modern have similar stories as that of the Sumerians about gods coming down from the sky, yet few believe those accounts even if they are written in cuneiform tablets, or inscribed in temples.

At one time the Mediterranean was dry land from the Pillars of Hercules to the shores of Palestine—–the Strait of Gibraltar was mountains and Europe and Africa were connected—–ET caused a breach in those mountains and flooded the low lying lands of the Mediterranean with waters from the Atlantic ocean, and turned most of the Mediterranean into sea. There was no world-wide flood but for the people living in the basin it seemed like it.

I don’t know when I received that information but it’s been sometime ago—-by ET—why do they give me this information, not sure why. This planet was/is used as a prison—-in antiquity many thousands and hundreds of thousands of years earth was infinitely more brutal than now, and even our early civilization—-those that casually tortured and sacrificed humans for religious, political, or simply entertainment—-would have been horrified had they known what went on.

It’s no accident that the human body is a pain machine it was made that way—-today we are fortunate, we can only take so much and the body dies—-in the old days that was not the case—-and the wardens could place an entity into a human body or even into the body of an animal—-and they could be killed or tortured indefinably. This planet remains a prison, some have it easier than others—-and no one escapes—-suicides are returned immediately or sent to a similar planet elsewhere. But there are exceptions for some suicides and for others.

This planet is a prison because few can chose to leave it—but many people are here to learn something—-not necessarily to expand their understanding of the big picture—-that’s not important for the vast majority—-countless humans are not here to learn anything they are simple incarcerated, doing time and once they leave they will be returned to this planet without knowing or vacation time in between the two lives. I can nonchalantly talk about things of this nature because most will not or cannot believe—-and that’s a good thing.

It’s a planet for everything you mentioned above as well as a prison and place for punishment for many souls that did not come here of their own freewill, they are incarcerated here.
Quite a bit believe it or not, only one hundred years ago the whole world was a few notches below animals concerning many of the basics like food, shelter and sanitation, today only a portion of the world remains in those primitive conditions. Many like to demonize technology yet technology is what will make this planet a bit more humane. Crowded cities and traffic parking lots, failed schools systems etc., are the result of human bureaucracy not technology—-some of these systems will need to fail completely before they get improved on.


So why would anyone believe me? –It’s much easier to stone us to death than deal with the possibilities that surround all of us in this crazy existence.

The proof that the Earth moves around the Sun has always been there for those that care to look or investigate. The proof that ET’s are everywhere is evident for those that dare step out of their comfort zone—once you do you cannot go back.

Are most people going to experience an ET craft- they already do it’s called a car- and airplane. Go back one hundred and fifty years and try to explain a modern car or airliner to the people of that era- they will laugh and stone you to death as some kind of madman or demon.

Extraterrestrial craft are flying around today- some know about it- eventually everyone will. Until then people like me who make those outrageous claims have to keep running for cover from all those stones being thrown- and that takes a lot of energy and time- and I’m running out of both.

I simply tell my story, my experiences with the supernatural—-not to entertain, not to enlighten, but because they are true and real—-if by doing so entertains some and enlightens others—-so-be-it.

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