What is Love / Light?

Love is the creative energy of the universal creator. Light is the condensed spectrum of love that creates the physical world. Densities measure the folds of this fabric, with each fold representing a new and expanded means of the creator (all of us) to experience ourself.

The light part of “Density of Light” is not just the electromagnetic spectrum. The entire spectrum can be thought of as a “band” on a larger, all-encompassing spectrum which includes all atoms, particles, energy, consciousness itself, and energy our physical world can’t normally experience.

This spectrum forms thresholds that carry with them different experiences (just like different colors) but that doesn’t mean the spectrum is ever broken or separate at any point.

Though the Law of One uses the term love / light, Densities of Consciousness is, more expressive, and used by other channeled entities.Use what you choose

What is density?

Density refers to how much mass (energy) is in an amount of space. For our understanding, the “mass” is really information (or, if you wish, consciousness), and the “space” is a measure of connectedness of information. Information (or consciousness) is contained within energy as possible expressions, including how likely these are (how much perceptive energy is required to collapse probability of an event into a perceptible state).

The connectedness is the interactional “closeness” of all things, similar to how closeness in our physical world is location, connectedness takes into account higher dimensionality, where a physical location or other means of interaction is found.

We understand each threshold of consciousness as a level of vibration. As vibrations get higher, more is experienceable.

Why is this information useful?

By understanding the powers and limitations of each energy level, we can better understand beings we come into contact with, as well as our own collective evolution as a human society. We also better understand ourselves, and the physical mechanisms that make up our higher self, and our connection.

The Densities of Light, in our Words

We would like to share our best understanding we have now. We may update things, as we are still learning. We will share the Law of One verbatim later.

These densities of light are also called the densities of consciousness. We focus in our explanation on the experience of each density, and the lesson learned.

1st Density

Represented By: Root Chakra ~ Color Red

Description: The density where light weaves (spins tightly) into physical realty, through atoms and their interactions. 1st density also includes the primal configurations of energy structures. This can be seen in the structural possibilities of atoms, including molecules, lattices, and larger still fractal atomic structures like the physical structure of galaxies.

Visual: Torus connected in strings

Conscious Experience: Expression, resonation, and crystallization. For the manifestation of the higher densities, they must go down and down. The most powerful manifestations reach all the way to this density, and are merging with the first density consciousness of atoms and other tight forms of light.

Examples: Crystals, Rocks, Fire, Wind, Electricity, Water (the elements)

Lesson: Existence as duality: oneness (through resonance) and separation through experiencing the push/pull (yin/yang if you prefer) that makes physical reality possible.

2nd Density

Represented By: Sacral Chakra ~ Color Orange

Description: Second density consciousness grows towards the infinite oneness, like a tree grows toward the Sun. This growth is an expansion.

Visual: Fractal Tree (the physical skeleton of a torus)(a “fractal tree” can be any energy system, a human, a planet, a plant)

Conscious Experience: Receiving plenty (from source) and growing into a personality through physical form and movement.

Examples: Plants, animal life, fungi, trees, Fruits and vegetables, etc. Pets are high/late 2nd density

Lesson: Growth toward Source (on Earth, Source is represented by the Sun) in plant life, and movement through awareness

3rd Density

Represented By: Solar Plexus Chakra ~ Color Yellow / Golden

Description: Self-Awareness. The density of consciousness as we experience it, with our reality filled with decisions,

Visual: Fractal Tree consciously deciding which branch to grow further

Conscious Experience: Self identification, expression, choices

Examples: Humans (I personally believe playful, socializing animals like Dolphins and Manatee are also third density, but Ra doesn’t mention this)

Lesson: Choice.

4th Density

Represented By: Heart Chakra ~ Color Green (Upper is pink)

Description: In fourth density, we unlock love by connecting with the essenceof things, the expression not bounded by time or separation in space. Fourth density allows interaction with the entire future and past of a phenomenon through the now, and directly connecting with (and influencing) the future and past through the now.

Visual: One timeline of fractal trees sharing love, growing together

Conscious Experience: Overwhelming love, experiencing things as one expression (free from time), understanding time as non-linear and non-binding

Examples: Love from Gaia, knowing things will be Okay, (4th density could be called the Astral realm)

Lesson: Love.

5th Density

Represented By: Throat Chakra ~ Color Blue

Description: Fifth density allows not only interacting with all parts of the universe, but interactions with every fractal offshoot of multi-reality universes. In this density, we can not only manifest and experience anything within our universal reality, but in any reality, even those disconnected from our own.

Visual: All possible histories and futures of the fractal trees growing together

Conscious Experience: A 5D being can visit (conscious experience, or physically in integrated craft) any point in the future and past. Manifesting any reality through focusing on the idea of it. Any configuration of energy will rebound to you through any number of realities.

Examples: 5th density could be called the Causal realm. We would think of this as the creative view of all. To see is to create. To know all as knowing nothing because in each reality truth is different.

Lesson: Wisdom

6th Density

Represented By: Third Eye Chakra ~ Color Indigo

Description: There is no polarity, but radiant connection of oneness, collective expression and consciousness. This is the last density containing physical entities (or to say it better, individualized conscious personalities). After that, it’s collective consciousnesses, planetary consciousnesses etc. There is nothing left to experience as a separation.

Visual: The actual love burst that is continually living through all of the possible histories and pasts of the fractal trees interacting

Conscious Experience: Radiant Joyous Expansion into All things

Example: Primary animation light of life

Lesson: Unity as Collective consciousness

7th Density

Represented By: Crown Chakra ~ Color Violet

Description: The completion of all possible universal expressions as one universe.

An oversoul is a 7th density being (in 12d system, see next section)

Visual: The completed master tree holding all other trees and possibilities of trees. Or, the torus of all other completed torus shapes.

Conscious Experience: The completion of all experience within a universal expansion.

More densities? I thought there were 7?

Well, 7 or 12, (or 8, or 13). 12 is really 12+1 (13) , with the 13th theorized as the consciousness or collection of all realities. 8th–13th densities are described by the entities Rob Gauthier channels.

This 7-or-12 discrepancy may be because some entities compress the 12 into 7, or because the 8–12th (+1) is contained within the definition of the 7th found elsewhere.

8th-12th Density

Description: In the 12-density system, these are further, more accurate versions of the 7th density in the 7-density system. (I plan to update this section as I learn more)

The 11th Density is the Universe itself.

Visual: Completing the torus of consciousness,

Conscious Experience: Similar to 6th–7th density experience.

Lesson: Growth from individualized expression into the unity.

13th Density

Description: In the 12-density system, 13th density can represent the completion, or encompassing personality of all universes, or the next octave of reality. It is said to be the all of all, or the all encompassing expression of all things.

Visual: Universes as cells in a body.

Conscious Experience: The next octave of realities, like cells to an organ, but the cells are entire universes.

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