The Skinwalker Ranch is a weird place. Located near Ballard, Utah, it’s long been the source of tales of monsters, space ships, and other bizarre phenomenon. Native Americans in the area believe the ranch is plagued by evil creatures known as Skinwalkers, while others claim to have seen UFOs, crop circles, and unexplainable lights. A family that lived on the ranch for two years in the ’90s reported several strange incidents, including animal mutilation and disappearances as well as UFO sightings. 

Some Skinwalker conspiracies suggest the government made contact with extraterrestrials and is covering everything up. Other theories assert that the ranch is home to a portal similar to the Hellmouth, which allows for interdimensional travel. 

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The Sherman family claims that a number of their cows were mutilated. One such cow had no signs of harm, not even bleeding, other than a hole bored through its eye. Others cows were found sliced up, with organs or other body parts carefully removed. In each case, the Shermans found no blood. A number of other cows, as well as six cats, vanished without a trace. Ranch dogs, meanwhile, were fearful of an unknown presence.  In another instance, the Shermans returned home to find four bulls packed into a trailer. When discovered, the bulls snapped out of a trance and became upset. No one could figure out how four bulls ended up in the trailer, which was locked and small enough that getting just one in proved difficult for the ranchers, let alone four. 

Lethal Blue Orbs

As told on radio show Coast to Coast AM, the Sherman family spotted blue orbs on the property. In one instance, the father set three dogs on the orb, which ducked away from them each time they approached, leading the animals further and further away from the ranch.

Once out of sight of the ranch, the rancher heard the dogs yelp, but he did not pursue them out of fear. In the morning, the rancher went to investigate and found three circles of burned grass with goo in the middle, supposedly all that remained of the dogs. 

The Bulletproof Werewolf

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So the legend goes, just after the Sherman family moved to the ranch, they were approached by a huge, friendly wolf. Not long thereafter, the wolf thrashed a calf, prompting the rancher to hit it with a stick, to no avail. He shot the wolf with a .357 Magnum, which produced no results.

The wolf was struck two more times, then several times with a hunting rifle, with no result. Eventually, the wolf left of its own accord. The rancher followed its tracks, which simply came to an end, as though the wolf ceased to exist as it walked. Throughout their time there, members of the family claimed to see other large wolves and canine beasts.

Poltergeist Activity

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Poltergeist activity was reported by the Sherman family shortly after their run-in with the bulletproof werewolf. According to a segment on Coast to Coast AM, a paranormal radio news program, the matriarch of the Sherman clan stated she often came home with groceries, unpacked them, and later discovered all the food repacked in shopping bags. 

The family also reported missing or moved objects, such as a hairbrush found in the freezer when it had last been seen on the bathroom counter. The Shermans heard voices in a language they could not understand, and they also spotted shadows in the house.

The Muscular Hyena

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The family reported seeing a number of bizarre animals, including a beast that looked similar to a hyena on steroids. According to journalist George Knapp, they saw the creature accosting one of their horses before it disappeared, leaving behind only claw marks on the horse’s legs. 

This same animal may have been seen by others. The wife of a local cop noticed a similar creature at Skinwalker, and a visitor to the ranch spotted a brutish animal that ran 100 yards in a matter of seconds and roared loudly.

The Dark One

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According to, a website documenting all the entities encountered at the ranch, the Dark One is extremely rare. This being is possibly human, a shaman trapped in an alternate timeline. Those who have seen the Dark One describe him as a silent Native American peering through the portal to another dimension.

Some believe that this “Dark One” shaman opened the portal.

The Skinwalkers

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The Ute tribe believes Skinwalkers inhabit the land surrounding the ranch. Skinwalkers are evil witches who can turn into animals such as owls, wolves, foxes, and coyotes. A regular witch becomes a Skinwalker by terminating a family member. Little else is known about them, as the Ute don’t like to discuss them. 

For a 2002 article for the Las Vegas Mercury, George Knapp spoke with Junior Hicks, who had cataloged a number of paranormal events in the area. Hicks explained: 

[The Utes] think the Skinwalkers are powerful spirits that are here because of a curse that was put on them generations ago by the Navajos. And the center of the whole legend is this ranch. The Utes say the ranch is the path of the skinwalker. Tribe members are strictly forbidden from setting foot on the property. It’s been that way for a long time.

A Portal To Another Dimension

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Few have claimed to have encountered a mysterious portal, but those who have say it appears in the form of bright orange or blue light that lasts for about 10 seconds at a time and hovers 500 to 1,000 feet in the air. The theory is the orange portal allows beings to pass into and out of our world from another dimension, while the blue allows vehicles to pass.

If true, this could be how the bulletproof werewolves and massive hyenas entered and vanished from the ranch.

There’s A Skinwalker Ranch In Connecticut, Too

When most people hear Skinwalker Ranch, they think of Utah. However, there’s one in Connecticut, too. The CT ranch is located in Litchfield Hills and, according to ghost hunters Paul and Ben Eno, bears several similarities to the Utah site.

The family that lives at Skinwalker CT claims to have seen UFOs and ghosts. Paul called the location a “genuine crossroads of the multiverse” and states that all manner of human and non-human creatures seem to be “sharing the same physical space but within their own parallel worlds.”

UFO Sightings Are Common

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UFO sightings are the most commonly reported extraordinary phenomenon at Skinwalker. The Shermans stated they saw several unexplained aircraft, as well as blinking lights, and heard strange voices speaking an otherworldly language. Numerous cattle were also mutilated during their ownership of the ranch, which many attribute to aliens interference.  

According to the Daily Beast, Joshua Hicks, a teacher who claimed to have seen a UFO, believes about half the local population had spotted a UFO at some point.

Giant Sea Snakes

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Some believe giant snakes lurk in the Bottle Hollow reservoir, very near Skinwalker Ranch. The indigenous Ute people believe in the snakes, and tribal police have reported several bizarre drownings in Bottle Hollow. One man claims that a woman he went swimming with after dark one night was pulled beneath the water and drowned by a snake.

In the book Hunt for the Skinwalker, a tribal police officer attests to personally seeing a snake:

It would swim straight down from the marina and go all the way down to the bottom end. You could see it on moonlight nights. I [saw] that, well, everybody, the other guys have seen the snake in there too.

An Organization Bought The Ranch To Study The Paranormal

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The National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) was founded in 1995 by Vegas hotel owner Robert Bigelow. It specialized in studying the paranormal. Bigelow bought Skinwalker Ranch after reading a 1996 article on unexplained phenomena in the area by journalist George Knapp.

Knapp and NIDS Deputy Administrator Colm Kelleher eventually wrote a book together called Hunt for the Skinwalker. NIDS closed in 2004, as paranormal activity at the ranch calmed down.

The Mysterious Squid

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Photo: A unnamed witness claims to have seen a mysterious squid on the ranch, as depicted in a sketch. Very little is known about this creature. It is perhaps related to the giant sea snake sightings, though this is mere conjecture; details of the supposed encounter are extremely scarce.

Crop Circles

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The Sherman family often found crop circles laid out in triangular patterns. They also reported finding neat, perfectly proportioned spherical holes in the earth. They never figured out what or who caused these markings, but noted that it would be unlikely for them to miss a human visitor sneaking up the solitary road leading to the property.  

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