The mysterious ‘Nazi Bell’ is said to have allowed the Third Reich to visit the Moon, Mars and even distant star systems by making use of an unexplainable, gravity-defying propulsion system, according to legends and conspiracy theories.

The prize of the lot? A bell-shaped machine potentially capable of destroying everything and everyone in its path or perhaps even altering time itself. But what happened to this secret Nazi project? Did it actually even exist? Was Hitler on the verge of using the Nazi Bell to change history forever and if so, where is it now?

The Bell, known as ‘Die Glocke’ in German, is said to have been developed by a top team of scientists and engineers headed by SS General Hans Kammler.

Nazi Bell - Die Glocke - Hans Kammler
Hans Kammler (26 August 1901 – 9 May 1945) was a German civil engineer and SS commander during the Nazi era.

Nazi Bell – Die Glocke

Few people were aware of it since it remained a secret for many years. It was an anti-gravity UFO-like saucer craft that many believed could travel across time. This mysterious ‘Nazi Bell’ is known to have served several purposes, including helping the Third Reich reach space, visit the Moon and Mars, and even distant star systems. This is purportedly possible through the unexplainable, UFO-like gravity-defying propulsion system, a cutting-edge technology not available to the masses.

The development of this technology was ordered by Adolf Hitler and would play as an essential part of the secret space program initiated by the Nazi. When Hitler noticed that the walls were starting to close on him, he pumped even more resources and manpower into his Wunderwaffe or Wonder Weapons to accelerate the process. This was all in an attempt to radically change the course of the war. This weapon is the Die Glocke (The Bell) and was part of the long list of Wunderwaffen that the Nazis developed towards the end of WW2.

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